Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday March 28, 2009

Hidden Meanings in Movies

Conscious Creation is about intentionally creating your own reality, but this unique interview goes a step farther, and tells us how the movies relate to this important process. Brent Marchant decided to take the concepts of the Conscious Creation movement to the movies, and see how its key principles and concepts are illustrated by specific films. In the final segment, Brent Marchant tells us how to use Conscious Creation in our relationships with the visitors.

We find out how to movies as a means of understanding and using the principles of Conscious Creation, an approach that is absolutely unique in the movement and in the world. He goes far beyond the ideas in ??What the Bleep Do We Know?? to talk about howspecific films like ??Slumdog Millionaire?? illustrate ways of using Conscious Creation to draw things into our lives. Do we want to live in the slums, or draw a better experience into our lives?

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