Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Friday November 22, 2013

The Growing Presence from Another Dimension

Dreamland is on hiatus this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy last week's program: Last year, David Weatherly caused a sensation on Dreamland with his tales of the Black-Eyed Children. The program remains one of the most popular we have ever produced, and now David's back with groundbreaking research into some of the most perplexing cases of interdimensional beings on record, including the return of the Mothman and much more.

David Weatherly has been investigating paranormal subjects for over 35 years, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written on a diverse range of topics including cryptozoology, UFOs and hauntings.

David's website is TwoCrowsParanormal. He also writes for Intrepid Magazine.

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Banshees, Grinning Men and Hell

Ancient authors describe what could well be entrances into parallel universes. Not only that, there is much information about how to open and close these portals, which has been lost in time. Whitley Strieber and David Weatherly discuss such portals, and portal areas such as the Superstition Mountains, and how to both call and dismiss beings from other realities. Whitley tells a story of what happened to him when he asked the grays to show him a vision of hell. (Don't expect to forget this. Ever.) They close with a discussion of grinning men and the Provincetown Banshee. Thrilling stuff!

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11/22 show doesn't seem to be in the subscriber section.

it works for me...

In dealing with this larger reality and interdimensional phenomena ignorance isn't bliss. I've never believed in David Icke's Reptilan theory about controlling humanity but the Jinn are something else to be wary of. King Solomon's stories of employing Jinn in antiquity I no longer believe to apocryphal. If there is an animosity of this type occurring between realms its probably the Jinn. I have a salt lamp in my abode and I wonder if this has the same effect as salt does by closing etheric leaks? I wonder if ionization of the air does something to ethereal connections? Magic and conjuring are a process of tapping into the ether and manipulating it and will probably gain more respectability in time. I also wonder if Harrp is doing something similar?

I see the link for the special interview; but no link for the show.

I agree, cant find on the download on subscriber section.

show doesn't seem to be in the subscriber section

Read the original source: http://www.unknowncountry.com/dreamland/latest#ixzz2lPLZ5kJQ

You are right, Randall. I was streaming it.

I don't see it either, maybe it slipped into a parallel universe.

The various entities are interesting, because humanity seems to be connecting with
"other worldly" realities that have been rejected for mainly religious reasons in the West. Recognition of other worlds increases as formalized religious devotion declines. As far as the reptilians a la David Icke, it behooves us to remember that reptilians once dominated the Earth, and anthropoids and the homo genus evolved from survivors of the cataclysmic meteor impact 65 million years ago. This is what destroyed the dinosaurs. Some intelligent reptilians apparently survived and became space faring, according to sources like Mark Richards, and they still believe the Earth is their planet.

I only have a download button for the "Banshees" section for subscribers, not the "growing presence" section....

If you logout the free download appears for the show. When you login it disappears!


Not long ago while attempting to post comments on Goering on this site, my computer suddenly kicked me off of the page just as I tried to save the post, and lost everything that I had written. Just now it happened again as I was in the middle of saving my own 'grinning man' experience.

What the heck is going on?

I'm guessing they haven't posted the subscriber version for some reason.

I'm guessing someone screwed up and now they've run off for Thanksgiving.

Also, no show in the main for subscribers, but I was pointed to a Jim Marrs show: nice.

I've recently been studying the ORMUS fad going around on the Internet. I wasn't sure what the point of ingesting what seems to be just a salt solution could possibly be. Now, in the second interview Whitley mentions the electromagnetic field of common salt is unusual. Can anyone elaborate on the properties of this ORMUS stuff for me?

Until the error is rectified, you can always download the free Dreamland with commercials by logging out...;)
Also if you haven't noticed yet in "Whitley's Room":
Dark Memories, Dark Suspicions: Whitley Strieber Remembers the JFK Assassination
Whitley Strieber tells the story of his personal connection to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and offers some uniquely powerful insights into the meaning of this tragic event, which has had a truly enormous impact on our history. This candid talk is full of surprising information as well as the kind of insight that characterizes Whitley's work.

Awesome Dreamland, Subscriber special, Revelations about JFK, and Whitley's thoughts in Whitley's room!!!
I think Whitley brought up the properties of salt in regards to its use in warding off "evil".
Thank you Whitley!

I had such a scary experience listening to the interview about the black eyed children I hesitate to listen to this one.
Damnit it was scary weird.
I'm incredibly grateful that the angels intervened.

RE: question about Ormus... check out work by David Hudson. it's mono-atomic metals with unique properties, but some think the "white powder" gold was what Annunaki were mining gold (in particular)... others may be helpful with health benefits...

Thank you for speaking about the real Djinn - not the fairy tale or T.V. version of who they are. I have long thought that some of those who are thought to be gray "aliens" are actually inter-dimensional djinn, traveling from their dimension to ours. Sometimes humans do travel into the dimension of the djinn, too. Also, it is said that the djinn crave sweets, sugar, and honey when they travel into our dimension. When I listened to your description of recent events at your home, Anne and Whitley, my ears perked up when you mentioned that sugar and honey was spilled...

Does anybody use their iPhone to download dreamland mp3's directly through the unknowncountry website? If so, how? I have to go through the mp3 free music downloader app.

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