Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday October 8, 2005

Graham Phillips: Virgin Mary Conspiracy

Graham Phillips is back from another adventure, and he's going to share with us his discoveries about the Virgin Mary, and the conspiracy that has been in place for years to keep the truth about her from the public. Then Linda Howe tells us the REAL reason that hurricanes are turning into monsters! Graham's website is www.grahamphillips.net.

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I own a copy of Grahams book and loved it. The fact that he was decended from Herods line doesn't mean that Yahoshua (Jesus) wasn't special. His birth to that Miriam could
still have been a miracle.

On the interview by Linda of the person who with his father saw the stars forming
shapes: I too have seen that happen. This happened in the late 80's, and in my
case they formed the shape of a bow through which one star then moved like an

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