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Saturday October 16, 2010

Graham Hancock, Secrets of the Neanderthals

Graham Hancock is one of the great adventurers, authors and visionaries of our time, and here he talks about his new book Entangled, about life as it was lived 24,000 years ago. Amazingly, this deeply channeled book paints a picture of the Neanderthals as loving beings that has only in October of 2010 been confirmed by science. Was Graham Hancock in touch with real people from the deep past while writing Entangled? Listen to this interview and find out!

Hancock has followed in the footsteps of the ancient shamans and taken Ayahuasca, traveling deep into its hidden world, and returning with stunning messages for us about what we have lost and what we may regain.

Graham's website is GrahamHancock.com.

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Our Lost Past, Our Uncertain Future

In this stunner for Unknowncountry.com subscribers, Graham Hancock talks about the lost human world of the deep past, that was destroyed 12,000 years ago in a tremendous cataclysm. He describes the over 200 dives he has made off the coast of Japan at Yonaguni, exploring the sunken ruins there, where he has found a gigantic sculptured human face, carved canals, and all manner of evidence that this immense structure is actually of human construction.

This is one of the most amazing interviews we have ever done for Unknowncountry, and is not to be missed. Graham says that we are at the edge of a time of incredible change, possibly involving another crustal shift, but that we can affect what happens in some very profound and surprising ways.

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Enjoyed these interviews with Graham Hancock immensely, hope you have him back soon..
I am reading Entangled right now, so far an amazing book, not typical Hancock fare but glad he wrote it.

These are splendid interviews with Graham Hancock. I was especially interested in the idea that Entangled may well be based on truth. I read it & wondered that. By the way, I highly recommend the book.

Always good to hear the both of you talking about esoteric subjects. The vine of the soul is something I am very interested in. Thank God Graham sought out help for his mental or emotional issues. He has always been someone I admire as I do Whitley and Anne. Keep up the great work and yes I am always telling people about you and your website/books.

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