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Friday July 25, 2014

Gobekli Tepe: the Temple of the Watchers

The mysterious stone complex of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is one of the great mysteries of archaeology. This week, Andrew Collins reports on his findings at the site and discoveries nearby that suggest even more incredible ruins remain to be uncovered.

Andrew Collins has traveled to Gobekli Tepe many times, and has developed a revolutionary theory about the meaning of the 12,000 year old complex. Here, he explains how it was built 12,000 years ago as a reaction to a horrific global cataclysm, and how it works as a gateway and map of the sky-world reached via a star in the constellation of Cygnus.

Unique and mind-opening information from one of the world's great explorers, Andrew Collins!

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The Catastrophe that Ended One World and Began Another--Ours!

Gobekli Tepe isn't just a mysterious complex of monoliths, it's also the place where civilization began. Using ancient legends, Andrew Collins takes us back 12,000 years and describes legends that tell us what humanity experienced during this terrible period, when a fantastic catastrophe overtook our planet, raining down fire and causing the glaciers of the period to melt, resulting in the floods that are remembered to this day in legends that date back to that time.

Never before will you have been taken back to that period in the words of the people who experienced the disaster. You will discover the reason that Gobekli Tepe was built, and also exactly what happened to cause this overwhelming catastrophe, and what it was like to live through it.

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Fascinating Read it has been on my summer nightstand, I am really intrigued by the extinct animal motifs on the 15 -5 ton pillars. So many questions , thank you Whitley & Anne for bringing Mr. Collins in. And an update on the sad news: Dr. Schmidt , the eminent archeologist , who was the driving force in the discovery of GT has passed away.

Thank you this wonderful interview on a favorite
subject (mystery) of mine.

An excellent interview with Andrew Collins as usual.

@Gruvkitty, are you sure you don't mean the Cygnus Meditation?...

Very sad to learn that Klaus Schmidt has passed away, even as this was broadcasted. A great loss, and only 61 while swimming in Germany, of an apparent heart attack. The news has emerged very slowly and mysteriously. One can only wonder what has been lost. Here's a great article by him in PDF format:


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