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Thursday February 16, 2012

The Ghosts Walk--Right into Echo Bodine's Living Room

Famed author and psychic Echo Bodine tells some of the most amazing, delightful, mystifying ghost stories you have ever heard...and some of the most hair-raising! AND Anne Strieber comes back with a few Strieber ghost stories as well. Dreamland has been running at high intensity lately. It's time to take a fresh look at a very old mystery, and consider anew just what ghosts are, why they are all around us, and how we can communicate with them. Dreamland at its provocative, delightful best!

Echo's website is EchoBodine.com. Her delicious new book is True Ghost Stories. Check it out on her Amazon Store!

For Halloween, Anne Strieber posted a diary entry about the ghosts of the Striebers. It seems that Whitley sees them all the time, but talks little about it. Anne tells some of these stories during this discussion. To read her October 11, 2011 diary, 'The Ghosts of the Striebers,' click here.

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Growing up Psychic--AND Haunted!

Psychic powers tend to run in families, and is that ever true of the Bodine family! Echo Bodine's brother Michael is a very funny guy--so funny that he tried to be a standup comedian. But he found it impossible because of all the dead people who appeared during his shows. So he's faced his truth and become a professional psychic. His clients include many celebrities such as Melanie Griffin, producer Tony Scott, as well as the late Patrick Swayze. A feature film of his amazing life is in the works, as is a TV series that he and his sister Echo are doing together.

The Bodines are very special people for a very special reason: they are psychics who have real power. Listen to Michael's amazing story--the ghosts both terrible and funny who haunted his life, his personal struggle to accept himself for what he was, and his triumphant rise as a psychic. And don't miss his great new book, Growing Up Psychic.

Michael's website is MichaelBodine.com.

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Wow! Fascinating! This segment alone is enough of a reason to purchase a subscription to Unknown Country!

I agree, very interesting. Would enjoy seeing Lisette Larkins back again sometime. I listen to Dreamland on the move with a small FM transmitter in the car or at work. The MP3's are easily copied and pasted onto a USB memory stick or SD card.. no need for cd's anymore. Listening to the MP3's anywhere, anytime, especially in a vehicle, makes subscribing ten times more valuable as the tendency is for others to hear some of the shows too and that in turn switches others on to Unknown Country. Take a look here:


it's all love

Hi Ann,
I wanted to take a moment to tell you that your interview with Ms. Bodine was absolutely delightful. Thank you so much!

Yesterday, I just happened to see the episode of "Sightings" that Echo was talking about in this interview. They didn't show any of the amazing things that were captured on camera, while Echo was investigating. It's amazing how cautiously they presented this information back then. They always present a debunker at the end of each segment. This still happens today, but I think that audiences are more open minded so the material is presented with a different dynamic.

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