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Friday October 14, 2011

George Noory on Contacting the Dead

George Noory is not only the host of Coast-to-Coast AM, he's an expert on many things paranormal. His new book Talking to the Dead explores contact with the dead, and this week he comes to Dreamland as Whitley Strieber's guest to tell us all about this fascinating topic. Is it possible to contact the dead? Are there any dead out there to communicate with, or does consciousness end with death? And if not, what convinces George that we go on after the body dies? His new book, Talking to the Dead, is an in-depth exploration of modern attempts to establish communication with the dead, and this interview reveals him to not only be a terrific talk show host, but also a sklled and committed expert when it comes to communication with those in the afterlife.

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Ralph Steiner on the Alien-Afterlife Connection

The Dreamland that Ralph Steiner did with Whitley Strieber on Roswell two weeks ago was among the most popular in the history of this radio program. Ralph was among the very first reporters to interview Whitley after Communion was released, and, after his own extraordinary UFO experiences, has become one of the world's most knowledgeable and thoughtful UFO and paranormal researchers.

Here, he has a conversation with Whitley Strieber about the connection between alien contact and contact with the dead that is, very frankly, one of the most brilliant and amazing things that has ever appeared on this website. They both offer insights so powerful that they will change your whole attitude about what the afterlife is and how we related to it, and Whitley also reveals more information about his upcoming follow-on to Communion, Solving the Communion Enigma.

Taken together with George Noory's powerful interview about contacting the dead on Dreamland, this is a very provocative week of programming.

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Why is there no link to download the interview with George? The link is up for the special interview and I've downloaded it. I don't have time to listen to George online and it would be wonderful to be able to get it downloaded to my computer.

Thank you Whitley and Jim Dollar your comments and insight were very much appreciated!

I would guess it takes some time to edit out the commercials for the subscriber download....bet ya a doughnut the download button will be there by tomorrow.

Steiner interview: I was riveted. Great stuff, thank you.

@Deb53 If you log out and open the website in the free area, click on the dreamland graphic, you will see the link to download the interview. I was a little confused at first too, but it must just be a little oversight at the moment. Enjoy!

Sounds like an error. They always have it up by now. I'm sure someone will work on it as soon as it's noticed by the crew.

"HELP!!! THERE BE NO LINKS! lol" Look, I don't mean to be so blunt (as usual), if you can't download it, then listen to it on the top of the page.

The link will be up shortly. It was an oversight.
The subscriber downloads are supposed to go up at the same time as the show. However, the person doing this is new and missed a step.

Thank you Whitley; I have found that a little patience with podcasts is better than self-induced stress as, after all, the words don't change and are just as fascinating, even a day later.

I love this subject and this show....having had many communications from people shortly after their death. Usually it is a "visit" and I simply see them for a moment or two with or without a message. That includes animals as well, and some premonitions, dreams and visitations from the still living who are not ill or anything. It is spontaneous and doesn't work if I "try". I think this happens to many of us, but our culture doesn't recognize such things, so usually these things are ignored and forgotten.

The scariest ghost story I ever heard was an EVP. Here, move closer to the fire...

There was a website - now gone - with a number of EVPs captured by a Canadian enthusiast. He created an intriguing device that used a small speaker, like you would find in a portable radio, as a kind of microphone. He somehow hooked this up to a tape recorder used for long-term surveillance, which recorded whenever there was a signal present, so over a period of days or weeks the tape would pick up any passing signals. It held 12 hours of audio, so there was plenty of room.

He decided to seal the whole assembly in a water-tight box and lower it into the chill blue waters of Lake Okanagan, in British Columbia. After leaving it for a week, he returned to fish it out of the depths.

The entire tape was full. There was 12 hours of the quavering voice of a scared, lonely man calling, "Mary, where are you? Mary? Where are you, Mary? Where are you? Mary, where are you? Where are you? Mary? Where are you, Mary?" The excerpt he posted on the website was bone-chilling.

He investigated and discovered that over a hundred years ago a family had been having a picnic on the shore. Mary, one of the children, went swimming and disappeared. Her father went into the lake to find her, but he drowned, and eventually both their bodies were recovered.

He seems to have been there ever since, calling endlessly for his lost daughter.

I believe in hell now.

Very funny but if you'll notice I stated that I didn't have time to listen online that I needed to be able to download, but that's okay, the link is up and I've downloaded it today so that I can listen tonight when I have time.

Noory's comments regarding dreams possibly being a connection of sorts with a parallel or alternate dimension/universe

sorry, Noory's comments regarding dreams possibly being a connection of sorts with a parallel or alternate dimension/universe or another's reality is something I've entertained as a strong possibility for many years. Nothing else made sense to me.

I meant to direct my comment to "BeamtheDark" just wanted them to know that to criticize and demean was not necessary and since they were not aware of the circumstances surrounding my querie they should have kept their opinions to themselves. The only internet access I have is when I'm at work, at school or at the Library (which only happens when I'm not at work or at school) and their hours of operation are limited and therefore the time I have access is limited, hence the need and desire to download so that I can listen at home when I have time even though I don't have internet access there at that time.
Thank you Whitley and all for taking the time to check into it and offer your worthwhile tips and explanations! Love you all.

I was finding this interesting until he mentioned the Spiricom, which was clearly a hoax.

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