Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Friday October 11, 2013

First: Whitley and Anne See a UFO, then Like It or Not, a New Reality is Coming.

In the first segment, Whitley and Anne Strieber describe UFO sightings they've had in the past few days, along with two friends who have had even more spectacular sightings. They discovered over dinner on Tuesday night that they'd all had sightings in Santa Monica. Listen as they describe what they have seen.

This week's guest, Alan Steinfeld, has a uniquie message. It is that a new reality is being born out of profound changes to the earth, to human life and to the human mind. It is not coming from the outside, but from changes taking place within us.

Alan is the creator of the New Realities website and one of the producers of the UFO abduction documentary the Hidden Hand. He does not believe that we should look to the past for human powers that have been lost, but rather that new human powers are being born within us right now—literally 'new realities.' In this interview he discusses exactly what he sees happening, the meaning of such things as biophotonic energy and how to find the light that exists within every human being.

Then he and Whitley turn to the enigma of the abduction phenomenon. Alan is struggling with his own memories—are they real or not—and we hear some of that struggle in his passionate attempt to come to terms with own possible close encounters.

Alan Steinfeld's website is NewRealities.com.

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The Hidden Hand: The Truth about UFO Abductions

James Carman is the director and producer of the Hidden Hand, one of the few honest and competently produced moves about the close encounter experience. Whitley Strieber is one of the participants in the film. Listen as he discusses the making of the Hidden Hand with James Carman, and then as they go farther into a discussion of such intimate and powerful parts of the experience as the reports of people being shown babies.

Is a hybrid race being created? Is it all a nightmare? James Carman's insights, after all the interviews he has done, are powerful and incisive. Whitley Strieber opens up about his own experiences in ways he never has before in this discussion. James Carman asks Whitley. "what is your take on the idea of hybrids living in our world?" His answer: "I've known some."

Learn more about the Hidden Hand movie by clicking here.

Coming this week in Whitley's Room: Poems Hidden in My Heart. Whitley reads some of the poems that have influenced him in his life, and tells about what was happening to him when they became important to him. A real treasure!

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I have 2 in the last 2 months and I have friends seeing them also here in Wyoming. They are not even bothering to cloak anymore.

Whitley, I saw a UFO/disk near Philadelphia about a year ago and it was as you recently experienced. It was metallic and the sun made it shine like it has just been polished. So I would agree, that is what they look like in the daylight. I've only had two sightings in my life. The second was a few years ago at night, here in the Pocono mountains. I thought it was a star at first until it started to dance around in the sky. And like many have said, whoever was inside seemed to know what I was thinking. I'd suggest (mentally) moving to one place or another and it would do so. An amazing experience I'll never forget.

Anne, my thoughts are with you!

Exciting show! I am sorry Anne is having health problems, and hope things get better soon! Have been listening to you guys so long I feel like I know you. Take care!

To Anne, Whitley and all of your guests…..My heart felt gratitude for this Dreamland. On September 14th, I had an experience that I will remember forever. Once in a lifetime event, I would think. Below is how it was reported. The words are there but there is no way to capture the feeling in those words. I called out for them to PLEASE, please stop, come back so I can see you better. They did not…..

National UFO Reporting Center (Peter Davenport)
Sighting Report

Occurred : 9/14/2013 22:00 (Entered as : 09/14/2013 22:00)
Reported: 10/1/2013 5:30:32 AM 05:30
Posted: 10/3/2013
Location: Saint Louis, MO
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 minutes

I sent a similar e-mail to (MUFON) but thought I should post it here as well. Maybe there is an explanation for this event?????

I stepped out onto my back deck; (evening of Saturday, September 14th) started to sit down on a chair but looked up before doing so. Coming from the direction of the southeast there is a bright orange round object moving over my house. Higher then a helicopter but much closer then an airplane. It is bright orange on the outside/underside but a deeper orange in the center. The color in the center seemed to be moving but that might have something to do with the atmosphere.

I stepped into the house and the clock reads 9:40 pm. About 30 seconds later a second one appears coming from the same direction, displaying the same thing as the first. About 30 seconds after that another orange one goes over my house but still at a level that I could see the darker orange moving around inside the center. All three objects move out of sight into the northwest sky.

I went back outside and have been watching but I do not think any more will come tonight. I am not very good at trying to judge size and distance but they were close and big enough that I could see the variance of the orange colors inside the spheres/UNDERSIDE. I believe if I would stretch out my arm, the objects would be about the size of the palm of my hand. This is the first time I have seen anything like this. I did have trouble sleeping; I kept seeing images of them in my mind all night long. All I can say is, it might be explained away but I can see the stars in the sky, so it is a clear night. There are no other lights like an airplane would have and they were completely SILENT but moved at about the same speed as an airplane would travel.

Anne, it is a true delight to hear your voice. May God bless you in every way.....

Thanks to all for sharing your experiences, Unknown Country is an invaluable resource. My orb experience occurred in August or September of 1972 at @ 12:30 AM, while driving home from a friend's house. I witnessed a glowing orange orb approx. 10' to 15' in diameter drifting between several single-family residences in Glassboro, NJ at the northeast corner of the intersection of Carpenter Street and what is now Bowe Blvd. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and continued to watch but lost sight of it as it continued to slowly maneuver between houses. The sphere never moved higher than approx. 10 feet above ground surface. It was softly luminescent and almost opaque. My car window was open and there was no sound. I never bothered reporting it and was apprehensive about getting out of my car and following it on foot.

Bigfoot is another subject that is still politically correct to ridicule. Every CNN commentator I've seen talk about Bigfoot laughs hilariously. Bigfoot is frequently seen with UFOs, and Ida Kannenberg wrote that if you don't understand Bigfoot's relationship with UFOs then you don't know him well enough to find him.

Back in the 1970's I was a student of a healer by the named of Rev.John A. Scudder.In April of 1973 John Scudder had a full blown awakening of the Kundalini. It nearly destroy him.It started out with very heavy pressure on his crown and brow chakras, followed by intense heat.John Scudder does not agreed that the energy is at the base of the spine.What he notice is that the energy went thru his crown and brow chakras and down his spine,down to the base of the spine where it is felt. Then the energy went back up the spine.
His awakening of the Kundalini lasted three weeks. His family and friends could not go near him.His son Jeff told me (he was ten when all of this was happening) that he ran up to his Father and fell back unconscious.
You can read about his Kundalini experiences in the book "Kundalini,Evolution and Enlightenment" edited by John White.
The late John Scudder was the most extraordinary (and the most judgemental) man that I ever met in my entire life.I witness a stoping of a deadly storm by John but that's a another story.

I saw something like what your friends described, Whitley, about three weeks ago: a bright globe skittering across the sky, high up and all alone, glowing orange and very bright. At first I thought it might be a meteor or fireball, but its path was erratic, sort of wandering, leaving a thick dense scribble trail of that same warm gold. Looked almost like it was about to turn back, then changed its mind and zoomed off on that erratic path. It was all very quick. The sceptik in me tried to explain what I saw in other ways, but nothing else fits.

I am very hesitant to write this, but I guess I should. Looking at that thing, I felt an overwhelming sense of peacefulness that has remained with me ever since. I cannot account for it, but I feel it has something to do with that sighting.

What encouraging news about Ann's progress. May she continue to improve on her road to wellness. My prayers are with you both.

I saw exactly what your friends described, Whitley, about three weeks ago: a bright globe skittering across the sky, high up and all alone, glowing orangish and very bright. At first I thought it might be a meteor or fireball, but its path was very erratic, sort of wandering, leaving a scribble trail of that same bright hold. Looked almost like it was about to turn back, then changed its mind and zoomed off on that erratic path. It was all very quick. The sceptic in me tried to explain what I saw in other ways, but nothing else fits.

I am very hesitant to write this, but I guess I should. Looking at that thing, I felt an overwhelming sense of peacefulness that has remained with me ever since. I cannot account for it, but I feel it has something to do with that sighting.

What encouraging news about Ann's progress. May she continue to improve on her road to wellness. My prayers are with you both.

Interesting as to how much ORANGE LIGHT UFO activity reported at THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER, September 14th, 2013. Could there have been something going on at that time that would have drawn their interest, either in the sky or earth?

Also, an excellent YouTube filmed in Australia.


Whitley and Anne?

Regarding that very PRIVATE email I sent you wherein I was so sorry to hear about Anne's condition and I revealed that I have been given a diagnosis of 2-7 months to live myself because of Stage 4 Lung Cancer? You know that email you two: the one that outlined my taking Carnivora and hoping you two might consider it for Anne. YES that ONE!

It really hurt me to think of what you two must be going through right now. NOW I ASK MYSELF WHY? You did not respond in any kind of way at all. NOT a word.

Not a thank you for your concern? No comment whatsoever? No, I am sorry to hear about your health and diagnosis Sange?

Wow! No nothing at all!?

Ouch Whitley and Anne! OUCH! This hurt me pretty badly. I know what you are going through and it can get crazy but a small "thank you and an I am sorry to hear" would have been nice.

I guess what I have heard about you two from people who had attended your presentations and all is true. Apparently, it is ALL about you and there is no one else living in this world with you.

Maybe this is why you are always begging for supporters of this site. Maybe that is why there are very few repeat attendee's at your presentations? What do you think?

Tsk. Tsk.

I guess the chips will fall where they will for you both. Be it what it is.

You do realise you sound like a creepy weirdo nut job...

yikes!!! Sange sounds stalkerish creepy

BF? James? So?

I sent a heartfelt email to Anne and Whitley because I can relate to what they are going through. I did not realize I had to be ON THE IN's with them in real life just so I would not be considered CREEPY STALKER! WHO MADE THAT RULE ANYWAY?

I am a subscriber as well. I guess that makes me even more sinister, huh?

I am puzzled by something though --- now that you brought it up BF and James... AND I AM WONDERING WHO BF AND JAMES REALLY ARE--- SO CREEPY STALKERISH IF YOU ASK ME --- what are you all afraid of? When has caring about others become a bad thing? Especially when one can relate to what another is going through? How is that a bad thing?

I guess because I am not afraid to care and to SHOW I care that leaves you wanting to name call me because you all are closed off to anyone but yourselves. What are you so afraid of anyway? Whitley and Anne are afraid of their own shadows and I fail to see why? They are afraid of everything. EVERYTHING!

I am in horrid pain a lot of the time because of compression fractures to my right ribs and because of nerves wrapped around those broken ribs. This is what my cancerous mass is doing to my body. I know how I feel and it gripped my heart to think that Anne could be in pain because of her tumor. I truly wanted to help Anne in any way I could. Oh well..., it is what it is.

I am so glad I am not like you BF, James, Anne and Whitley. I am so grateful.

In today's world the only healing power there is IS LOVE. What is done in LOVE is never lost. I have had 3 NDE's and I know that the kind of LOVE there is for us is beyond describing. I am not afraid of death in any sense of the word. It has taught me that all that matters on this planet is HOW WE HAVE LIVED and LOVED!

SMILING BIG HERE! I will NOT allow people like you to stop me from loving others even if I have never met them in real life. Call me what you want. Sticks and stones YOU know...

After talking about the allegations and accusations of me being a creepy stalker and having a good laugh about it with my daughter, I realized that perhaps a bit of a preface might be handy here, in support of, or not in support of those very allegations!

I am Texan! NOT JUST ANY TEXAN! I am a SAN ANTONIAN TEXAN! Because of this fact, I always felt a kinship or affinity of sorts toward Whitley and Anne. This is what a TRUE TEXAN DOES! WE stick by our clans! Being a San Antonian Texan is a special thing. You have to have had a past life that would make you worthy of being born one. Yes, there are Dallas Texans. There are Austin Texans. But there is NO TEXAN more special than a San Antonian Texan! That is ME! I am a SAN ANTONIAN TEXAN hailing from a long line of other San Antonian and surrounding counties, TEXANS that are special like I am.

A true San Antonian Texan NEVER stalks and if they do they are not creepy about it. Hahahaha... they may stalk a rattle snake and other sorts of things but I beg any of you reading this to tell me who is creepier: ME OR THE SNAKE!

Whitley may think he has a coin on all experiences of high strangeness but I would have to beg his pardon to differ. Some of us just aren't afraid of those experiences, have an ability to take control of ourselves, trust that what is happening is happening and are NOT in need of validation from outside sources, therefore; not feeling the need to broadcast it all over the world by publishing ourselves. Failing all of the above, it pays to have a sense of humor.

I have had one of the best laughs over these accusations and it is so good for the soul to laugh like we did. Thanks you all for being so funny.

WHITLEY, stop being one leaf shy of a fig tree will ya please?

Thank you so much for this presentation on Dreamland. It is so interesting to hear first-person accounts of UFO sightings. It is very interesting to hear so many accounts that are similar. I do think something is building...

One of my favorite parts of your website is the "Out There" page!

On another note - would it be possible to have a separate Dreamland without the commercial breaks for subscribers? It is very distracting to be listening to your guests, only to have them interrupted for a commercial. Other sites that I pay for each month do not do this.

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