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Friday May 17, 2013

Encounters with the Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians

This week, Dreamland continues its exploration of the treasure trove of Native American experience with our visitors. Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus at Montana State University, offers a collection of intimate narratives of encounters between Native Americans and people from other realities. Dr. Clarke and Whitley Strieber discuss some truly exceptional stories. Indians from all walks of life, ranging from people with advanced degrees to people who haven't even got a cellphone, have had not only close encounters, but long relationships with the visitors, often going back generations.

If society is ever going to learn handle this experience, Indian knowledge is going to be one of the keys to how to do it. So listen up, and learn how people who have a long tradition of contact handle this challenging experience now.

Dr. Clarke's website is Sixkiller.com.
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Aliens Walking the Earth as Human and Native Shapeshifter Legends

Audie Sixkiller Clarke mentions in her book that one of the great fears of government insiders is that aliens who appear human might get involved in government. At the beginning of the interview, Whitley tells what happened when such people came to believe that HE was such a being, then Audie describes other people who believe they are alien or part alien, and what their lives are like. (Whitley says that he is completely human, as far as he knows, and that the difficulty he had was an example of the incompetence and arrogance of the government insiders.) "We are not only looking at alien human hybrids but it goes even deeper," Whitley says, and then they get into the long Native American tradition of shapeshifting and how it relates to the visitor-human connection.

"Are you getting this folks," Whitley says at one point, when Audie describes an event similar to something that happened to him, which happens again and again in this exciting interview. Whitley doesn't suggest that you fasten your seatbelt before listening to this one, but you might think about doing just that!

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I bought this book back in March and loved reading it so much.

Her book is so good, I love it. She has such a great background and has so many stories.

Great interview. I respectfully suggest that you correct the spelling of Ardy Sixkiller's name and her website. It is posted as Audie Sixkiller Clarke. But she says her name is Ardy Sixkiller. Thanks for taking care of business.

Well, hmmm...I have had numerous strange occurrences in my life, including some UFO encounters. I also walk the path between worlds at times.

I figure I am my parent's daughter, and have no reason to believe that anyone else was my father other than the man I called 'Daddy' until the day he died over 20 years ago.

I did sit up and take notice about the story of the woman, and her father, who could not handle the cold. I am that way, and I actually feel great on hot days. When I lived in Southern California years ago, I felt cold nearly the whole time I lived there, while everyone else around me was bragging about the weather out there.

Current Dreamland is not loading or playing on my computer.

The link to her site here is dead. Try this http://www.sixkiller.com/

Current Dreamland is not loading or playing on my computer, either.
518/13 5:46pm

current dreamland isn't loading to my computer either.

Finally got it to load up.

Finally got it to load up.

This Dreamland isn't starting for me either. What's up Whitley?

Works fine now.

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