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Friday September 27, 2013

After a 30 Year Silence, a Sheriff Tells the Truth About Cattle Mutilations

Linda Moulton Howe has made a breakthrough--she has finally, after more than thirty years of trying, gotten one of the Montana sheriffs most involved in the cattle mutilation investigations to tell the truth about what he saw and how he understands it. He begins by telling about being invited to Malmstrom Air Force Base to observe the radar track of an object that was appearing during the time that the mutilations were taking place--and finding himself asked to leave the radar room by mysterious individuals in black uniforms who were from off-base, much to the embarrassment of the colonel who invited him.

His story continues with his telling of what was found during the years of mutilation investigations that took place in Montana, and his thoughts about what it all might have meant.

Then Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe compare notes based on the new information that he has provided. Altogether, one of the most startling and surprising interviews ever presented on Dreamland.

Linda Moulton Howe's website is Earthfiles.com.

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One of the Most Extraordinary UFO Videos Ever Captured

This week we post for our subscribers we offer one of the most unusual and best UFO videos ever made. It was lost for fourteen years, but has recently been recovered, and stands as one of a tiny handful of verifiable videos ever made of a UFO through a telescope, and also one of the strangest such videos ever recorded. It was made in Camarillio, California in 1998 by amateur astronomer and special effects artist Steve Neill using a Celestron C8 Telescope and a Sony 8MM video camera. The video is not a special effect, but a record of an object in the sky that was visible to the naked eye. The video was made before numerous witnesses, who were out observing what was then known as the 'Camarillo UFO.' It had been appearing yearly around Thanksgiving in the area, and was a well-known local phenomenon. With the naked eye, it could be seen only as a bright orb that would sometimes emit small lights toward the ground. But when the telescope was trained on it, remarkable details emerged, which have yet to be explained.

Steve Neil has taken a strong personal interest in the UFO subject for most of his life, and has been a friend of Whitley and Anne Strieber's for more than 20 years. His website is SteveNeillFX.com. You can watch his daily show on special effects and modeling on YouTube by searching for Steve Neill's Garage.

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Likewise - no link to download this week's subscriber show.

Same, "hot link" not linked.

Get a life. How many ways can you serve a hamburger?

This weeks Dreamland with Linda Moulton Howe is extraordinary. Her tireless work is yielding amazing results that are frankly breathtaking. All seekers of the truth should subscribe to and faithfully listen to Unknown Country and Dreamland. Thank you Whitley and Linda.

Hearing about these incidents of controlling missiles, highly maneuverable objects and bizarre cattle mutilations sounds to me that whatever we are dealing with has an advanced level of technology. What seems unexplainable to us may just be ordinary business to them. Toward the end, with the discussion of the androids, it begs to question whether what we currently know about the ufo/ alien topic may just be the tip of a much larger intelligence or species. A species that uses the ufo/ abduction phenomena to shroud its existence.

This show is terrific, and free for all to hear. Don't miss it!

This is the first time I think I've heard that some of the cattle mutilations have been from some unknown technology that can remove internal organs without cutting the outside of the animal. This strange, bizarre, obviously alien technology is so advanced and not understandable I almost know why our government has been desperate not to tell us about what is stalking and killing these animals. They seem to be tracking these attacks and know when they have occurred but have no real defense against them. Can you imagine the panic if they DID get on television and finally admitted that, yes there are creatures of somewhere else slicing and dicing cows and we have absolutely no way to stop them? They can't do that!!!!

Interesting interview. I just wanted to ask Linda, "What do you think is the goal of all this? Are those "in charge" preparing to be in a physical form compatible with living with us on earth without making us ill?

BTW, I really wanted to see the private video and tried every combination of software downloads, Vimeo membership, etc. I could, but still couldn't access the video. (I had no problems playing videos on other websites. I just can't figure out how to play this one.)

Can anyone help?

I can't remember if I have posted this before or not... In 1979 I casually dated someone who worked in the ICBM MinuteMan missile silo bunkers outside of Grand Forks ND Air Force base. He and his very sincere bunker mate (two people were always down there) were both in a small Bible study with me. We were sworn to secrecy because they would have gotten SO fired for telling us. He said lights came over the silo and the missiles fired up and then down. Scared the living daylights out of everyone of course. The four guys above the ground guarding the silo were freaked out at least as much as the guys below. That night it had happened all over along the silo range, as everyone started talking to each other. They were so scared of the idea of aliens and what that meant for their jobs or lives if it happened again, and for the world if the missiles didn't shut down that time. They were brilliant, computer geek guys and they couldn't do a thing to get into their systems. I remember the look in their eyes and we all just sat there and shook like leaves just hearing the story. They basically said, pray for us, pray for the world. What is this, we all wondered. I never forgot it but I never said anything to anyone.

We had lots and lots of sightings in the area during those years and cattle mutilations. A farmer next to our farm went out and shot a shotgun at a bright light above his cattle who were making a loud huckus. He yelled up into the light and said, go away, I can't afford to lose a single cow. The light flew off and all his dairy cows were fine. He was lucky he survived that stunt of firing off a rifle but he was a tough guy. The farmer on the other side of our farm came upon a saucer like craft landed in his field sucking out top soil. He too yelled at the little people with a hose like device to cut it out, he needed his top soil. They got in their craft and flew off too. So we had strange happenings from 1974 to at least 1980 near Grand Forks and north.

How scary. But really interesting. And as traumatizing as it was, and still is, I can only imagine, Whitley, you are lucky it was only your ear. And they put something in it, didn't take it away from you. It's scary, because we have no control over this. I wonder what they are doing with all those parts of animals. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to "wake up" to a nightmare someday. I try to keep the faith, and not worry, but, as a human, it's only natural. I've never had an experience, or seen a U.F.O. I've read several of your books, and there just has to be something going on, with as many people as there are who have seen and experienced something.

Hmm, fascinating video and thanks for making it available. The pendulum motion may be rotational motion. When witnessed from a great distance, the reduced qualitative perspective disallows full axial perception.
Consider what rotation with a tilt/wobble would look like from a distance. The wobble effect has been seen before, especially with the famous Mexico city footage of a saucer slowly going behind a building (if genuine).
Great footage and thanks again to Mr Neill for offering it. Food for thought.

for 'hopeful':

Your stories are interesting, especially the two about the farmers. There is some slight clue there about these beings. Could it involve compassion? We all realize that these beings can pretty much do whatever they want, whenever they want, yet they backed off. Could it be that they felt compassion and also admired the fearlessness of the farmers protecting the livestock and the soil?

I have always felt that getting past our fear is important in dealing with these entities, and Whitley has demonstrated this himself through relaying his own experiences with them.

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