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Saturday February 19, 2011

Electronic Pollution: How to Save Yourself

Why don't we know more about electrical pollution, and should we care? That's things like the electromagnetic fields around cellphones, hair dryers, certain types of light fixtures, and many other ordinary electrical and electronic devices in the home. In this interview with Whitley Strieber, author David Black explains the very real science behind his thriller The Extinction Event, and offers ideas about how to reduce electrical pollution in our environment.

Why are studies of this major form of pollution suppressed? What can you do about it in your own home? Is wi-fi really something to worry about, and what about the new smartphones—are they more or less dangerous than older models?

Don't miss this important edition of Dreamland.

David Black's website is DavidBlackWriter.com.

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Whitley Strieber Reads from Hybrids Chapter 3: Human Meets Hybrid

Whitley Strieber reads Chapter Three of his upcoming book Hybrids. Deep in the forests of Big Basin south of San Francisco, a team of Delta Force experts come face-to-face with the most amazing creatures the world has ever known: human-alien hybrids. Or is that what they are? There may be a deeper secret here...

Hybrids will be in bookstores on April 12.

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Very interesting. Does anyone think there is a connection between electronic pollution and autism?
the recent mass die offs of wild life? Do you think there is a connection with the apparent speeding up of time?

Wow!!! WOW!!! Chapter 1 was both repulsive and strangely attractive, chapter 2 was compelling and made me sympathetic. Chapter 3? Well, it was sobering. All in all, I simply can not wait for the book in total! Please do hurry and release it! I can't wait for more!

So far Hybrids is intriguing - I'm in! PLEASE also publish an Audiobook format - I find I am so busy most of the time and what I do as a designer can tire my eyes so I have been listening to audiobooks and find I like them (also allows me to listen on iPod, iPad, iPhone as well my computer).

I thought this show was wildly disappointing. Whitley seemed to offer more on electronic pollution than the guest did. Was hoping for new information on the subject or at least a cogent discussion. Instead the guest seemed rather lost and rambling. Strange show.

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