Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday October 18, 2008

Economic Info You Need Now

Every January, Dreamland?­s resident prophet John Hogue comes on the show and prophesies for the new year, and every July??usually??we have him back on and hold his feet to the fire. This year we waited, because so many of his prophecies appeared to be coming true??and, indeed, it was worth the wait. So get set for one incredible, totally amazing Dreamland as we listen to his ACTUAL WORDS as recorded last January, and then to the way events have unfolded since. As for the future, he CALLS THE MARKET BOTTOM! Then Linda Howe has an update with Trends Journal prognosticator Gerald Celente, who NAILED the present economic catastrophe on Dreamland last year. And wait until you hear what Hogue, who predicted Obama?­s probable win in 2006??that?­s right, just after he became a candidate??says about him NOW. And no, this isn?­t a political show. We?­re not on either side, and neither is our resident prophet. You can learn more about John Hogue at his website HogueProphecy.com. You can learn more about Gerald Celente?­s Trends Journal here: TrendsResearch.com.

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