Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday February 21, 2009

Echo Bodine's Dark Journey to the Light

Whitley Strieber interviews psychic and healer Echo Bodine about her long and troubled struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, financial troubles and an unwillingness to accept her powers--and her triumph over all the adversity in her life to become what he calls a "profoundly authentic" psychic and teacher. This phenomenal interview is among the most powerful, empowering and just plain unforgettable you will hear on this program or anywhere.

Echo Bodine is a teacher with a strikingly light and humorous touch, who comes from a life of extraordinary struggle. In this interview, you will hear stories that will move you, that will convince you of the power and accessibility of God in our lives, and the presence of another, higher world all around us--and of our ability to participate, in the context of prayerful surrender.

On her website, EchoBodine.com you can learn more about Echo and all that she offers.

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