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Thursday April 5, 2012

Easter Special: The Journey to "I AM"

For our Easter offering this year, we wanted to do something joyous and life-affirming, as befits this ancient celebration of resurrection and rebirth.

Tom Shadyac is one of the great comedy directors of modern times, with films to his credit ranging from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective to Evan the Almighty, but he is also a man on a great journey of consciousness that has taken him from the ultimate Hollywood lifestyle of one of the world's most successful directors to a very different kind of life that seeks to open doors in hearts and engage minds on behalf of the wonder of the human future.

His latest film, 'I AM' reflects the powerful journey of a man who faced death, and, like so many of us in this age of medical miracles, discovered himself anew on his journey back.

Tom says, "Facing my own death brought an instant sense of clarity and purpose." He set out to make a film that would find out what's wrong with our world, and discover ways of righting those wrongs. He also created the Foundation for I AM, dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those impoverished in our society.

In this electrifying and beautiful discussion with Whitley Strieber, Tom tells us of his journey from the world of private jets and great estates, to the world of discovering, understand and fulfilling human need. This is probably the most inspirational Easter show we've ever done, and all of us here at Dreamland and Unknowncountry hope that you enjoy it as our testament to the miracle of rebirth that is the theme of this ancient season.

Whitley Strieber says, "I AM is truly wonderful and inspirational. It's a privilege to present this film and Tom Shadyac as our Easter offering on Dreamland."

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Two People, Two Brain Injuries, Two NDEs

In 2004, Anne Strieber had a massive stroke and nearly died. In 2007, Tom Shadyac had a bicycle accident, suffered a concussion and faced death from post-concussion syndrome. Both of them recovered, and now they compare notes on how their near-death expeirences changed them, remaking them as human beings and inspiring them to reconstruct their lives.

Ever since, both of them have led inspired lives and had magical experiences, and their discussion of what their new lives are like will delight and inspire you.

Anne makes reference to two of her diaries in the interview, "Dryer Sheets" and "God Laughs and Plays."

From Anne Strieber: "Tom and I had a wonderful time together. I find his life-affirming and joyous message deeply moving, and I know that you will, too."

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Both excellent interviews, if I am not chosen to get one of the free DVD's that are going to be sent out to randrom members I will buy the it, cannot wait to see it.

Tom Shadyac is certainly a very unusual man, with all he has lives in a Trailer Park and interacts with his neighbors.

Whitley it is very nice of you to promote Tom's DVD for free, I know this movie means a great deal to you on a personal leve.

Awesome Easter Gift. Thank you.

Anne and Whitley, I want to thank you both for these two hopeful interviews. Thank you Tom Shadyac for being a guest and for what you are creating in this world. I once read that the physical man/woman must be sufficiently purged from earthly desires before he/she is ready for God’s work. Anne and Tom perhaps you both have been chosen to do this in your own unique ways.

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.”

The fire of love smolders whether its a candle or a supernova- great interview- on the lighter side the ace ventura films are the funniest things ever.

Thom Hartmann recommended this movie months ago on his radio show. It is a wonderful, hopeful look at the human condition. Absolutely wonderful film.

I saw Evan Almighty in the theater and I really enjoyed it.

I have read the Keys and since I research others I found with the key that in some ways follows the 4 unbreakable law of the universe 1) you exist-you always exist and will always exit. 2)One is in All and all is in one-God is in all and all is in God. 3)What you put out you will get back- What you sow so shall you reap. 4) change is constant except for the first 3 laws that are unbreakable.

Wonderful interviews. So many great insights. I really appreciate having the privilege to hear them. It made me think again about my own NDE and what has remained with me over the years since.

Wonderful interviews. So many great insights. I really appreciate having the privilege to hear them. It made me think again about my own NDE and what has remained with me over the years since.

I echo all the comments above. Great interviews.
I Am is an excellent, positive, life-affirming film.

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