Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday December 25, 2010

Dreamland Christmas Special: Our Fondest Hopes

We have two specials this year, one for Christmas and one for New Years. On Christmas, our hosts and some favorite guests discuss their fondest hopes for the coming year, and their remembrances from the year that has just passed. These fascinating and extraordinary people can be surprisingly warm--and just plain surprising! Relaxed Dreamland fun, perfect for the Christmas season. Then, next week, our two astonishing futurists, John Hogue and Starfire Tor give us previews of their upcoming prophecy shows, and Jim Marrs gets into some riveting material about where our country is going.

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Whitley Strieber Reads His Delightful Story "Secret Zoos."

What if there were secret zoos hidden here and there where the animals could talk? That's the premise of this lovely and inspiring story that Whitley Strieber reads for Christmas. Written in 1968, it's part of the legendary "Evenings with Demons" short story book that now sells for hundreds of dollars, if you can even find a copy. So sit back and enjoy this charming Christmas present from our resident elf, Whitley Strieber!

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Dear Whitley and Anne,
Wishing you a blessed Holiday season, looking forward to the New Year..

I just want to wish Whitly, Anne, and everyone else involved in Dreamland and Unknown Country a wonderful holiday season and the best of the new year!

Joe Herdler

Best wishes to Whitley and Anne on this wonderful holyday. And to everyone out there hope your comming year is filled with new wonder,new possibilites and as always may the wonder we all had as children be reborn. Peace & Love to one and all. J.C

Let's face it....Tiny Tim nailed it....."God bless Us,Everyone."

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