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Friday January 6, 2012

Destiny vs. Choice: How Free Are You? YOU CAN CHOOSE!

From the day we are born and perhaps before, we are bombarded with contradictory claims that our lives are predestined and that we have free will. So which is right, or are both to a greater or lesser degree, true? Author and Dreamland guest host Marie D. Jones has written a new book about this called Destiny vs. Choice, and here she discusses not only where we are in terms of destiny and free will, but also how to tell the difference. You may not be able to change your destined life, but you may be able to determine a lot more about what parts of your future are inevitable and which ones you can change.

Listen as Anne Strieber probes for answers to some burning questions: how do we find out the difference between who we MUST be and who we CAN be. Your destiny is to listen!

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A Close Encounter Witness Enters a Military Facility

Close encounter witness "Jim" has been seeing orbs above his house for 23 years and even RECORDED their sounds. He followed one to a nearby military base then entered it and taped some of them. They range in color from red, to orange, to white and some of them are 2-3 feet in diameter. He met a man who claimed to be an NSA operative who told him when to go out into his yard to see an orb, and the two times he did this, HUGE orbs appeared. During this fascinating interview, he plays some of the beeping sounds he recorded and tells of his efforts to communicate.

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Dreamland will be posted on Friday.

Oh Whitleus Striebus, why must thou tempts us again with no Dreamland links?! OH WHYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

The show posts on Saturday, sometimes on Friday, as it has since we started ten years ago.

I RECANT! I RECANT!!! ....anyway...I was only talking in JEST Whitley. You should know by now that I am always Jovial, despite any situation.

Can't open Destiny versus Choice...help. thanks...v.

it's not ready (uploaded) yet I think. Wait a day.

It's uploaded now! Almost always Friday afternoon, sometimes Saturday if we are working on a news-related topic.

Did you screen this "Jim" for an IQ and credibility test, Anne? This one was really stretching the relevance/genuine factor. You've had far better "contactees" in the past. Nevertheless, keep searching for the truth...

Great interview to be fair, but was it really necessary to employ the use of the word 'handicapped'.? I thought we had all moved on from that stage. No, there was no malice intended, I accept that, fair enough, but for goodness sake... ... ... Kudos to Marie for breezing over it.

If you're going to comment about astrology, please learn something about it. "Mercury retrograde" is real, and neither to be feared nor dismissed.

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