Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday July 17, 2010

The Cryptoterrestrials

Mac Tonnies was one of the fastest rising young investigators of the paranormal and the UFO phenomenon before his untimely death of natural causes at the age of 34. His last book, the Cryptoterrestrials, asks the question: what if the "aliens" are actually from here? How would that work? What's the evidence?

Mac's close associate Mike Clelland is interviewed by Whitley Strieber about this provocative idea and Mac's fascinating new book.

To read Mac Tonnies' work, click here.

Mike Clelland's blog can be found at HiddenExperience.blogspot.com.

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i find this very interesting.excuse me for my ignorance but there are engravings
in egypt that show of a plane,maybe what looks like a helicopter etc.there is
also a painting of a gray alien on one of the walls.well if they were engravings
of a plane etc that would mean that they are from here i would assume.those
type of craft would not be able to come from space.so maybe at that point in
time the grays were not as advanced then.i have also heard many stories of
greys coming from underground,smelling of sulfur etc.

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