Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday July 18, 2009

Crop Formation Surprises

This year has been an unusual one in the history of the crop formation phenomenon. The reason for this may be that, as our minds open more and more to the creators of the formations, they are becoming more focused and easier for us to understand than ever before. (Or it may be that there are more and better hoax formations than ever before...)

Suzanne Taylor has created one of the most magnificent, startlingly brilliant DVDs on the phenomenon ever produced, and in this edition of Dreamland she and Whitley Strieber talk about her understanding of the formations and what they mean.

In addition, Whitley has some amazing insights of his own in this altogether incredible interview. So don't miss this one, it is very special, very powerful and valuable for all of us who are coming out of the long human sleep and awakening to the new world that is being offered to us.

Please click here to purchase the DVD.

In Dreamland, mention is made of an article by Anne Strieber offering her theories about the nature of the visitors. That article can be found here.

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