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Friday June 20, 2014

Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind

Suspicious deaths, mysterious murders and bizarre disappearances plague the history of the UFO phenomenon. Across the past 60 years, there are dozens of examples, ranging from the murder or suicide of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal to many pilot deaths and disappearances to the mysterious and often horrifying deaths of far too many UFO investigators.

Nick Redfern, one of Dreamland's most popular and frequent guests, takes us close to some truths that the official world would rather we not know, that are denied with ferocious intensity. WAS Forrestal murdered? Why did he go out a 13th floor window the night before he was scheduled to leave a hospital where he was recovering from a nervous breakdown? And what about the bizarre man-in-black experience he had, and the classified briefing he shared with MJ-12 insider Vannevar Bush.

And what about JFK? Why was Fred Crisman, who was involved in the Maury Island UFO incident in 1947 a suspect in the Kennedy assassination in 1963?

These are just two of these very bizarre stories. Get set for a real thrill ride on Dreamland this week--but a very serious one. Why is it so dangerous to be involved with UFOs, and why is June 24 a day to be very, very careful if you are involved? Nick has some answers.

You can learn more about Nick and his work at NickRedfernFortean.Blogspot.com

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UFOs, Death, the Afterlife and Extreme High Strangeness

In this powerful discussion, Whitley Strieber and Nick Redfern discuss the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and how it relates to aircraft that are known to have disappeared under extremely strange circumstances, then they go on to the enigmatic and terrifying Frank Olson case, and expand on the UFO connection to the Kennedy assassination.

This is unique and incredible information. For example, Guy Bannister, who was involved in UFO investigations back in the late 1940s, was also linked to Fred Crisman and the Kennedy assassination in 1963. So why were these sinister UFO insiders involved in the Kennedy assassination, and what happened in San Antonio the day before the assassination when Kennedy had a secret briefing with Major Theodore Bagwell, who was probably the person at Wright Field in 1947 who received the bodies from Roswell?

And there's more. Much more. Don't miss a word!

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Nick might just want to come to Texas but I think it has been proved but not fully that the chupacabras are really just sick coyotes or other canine wildlife altered. But who altered? That's the question. Always a question, that's why he's coming to Texas.

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What's the meaning of these comments? I'm abandoning this website because I'm out of Gerber's and I shouldn't have to babysit an adult.

don't abandoned Mr simond keep with it were in the know!

I also found that the download contained the first part of the interview, not the second.

I'm compassion as to why you guys can't get the subscriber interview part. I'm sure it will be reconciled.


Very interesting new facts about Roswell! I thought I'd 'heard it all,' but the virus story, the eventual suicide of the Brazel son and the nurse witness who may have actually been an administrator are all new dimensions to the report. Mr. Redfern has certainly done his homework, and it's wonderful that he shares it with all the rest of us.

So, I am listening to this on June 24th.... CREEPY!

When it comes to dark matter if they know its there and it has little or no mass than that means it exists but not in our universe. It exists but it doesn't exist but if its there it must exist and have mass so my answer to this conundrum is it exists outside of our physical universe which opens the door to other dimensions and possibly a part of our universe that is there but is unseen.

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