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Friday January 3, 2014

Close Encounter Witness "Sandy" Returns with Stunning New Experiences

The contact experience is opening to a new and entirely unexpected level, and we all--witnesses and observers alike--have a chance in 2014 to reach new understanding and more open communication with our visitors. Facilitating this will be one of the primary aims of Dreamland this year.

This incredible interview with close encounter witness 'Sandy' starts off 2014, and also starts a new level of involvement in close encounter as a much larger experience even than we have previously thought. There are indications that we can control the subatomic world with the mind to a much greater than previously imagined possible, that physical movement to other worlds is possible using vibrantly powerful meditative techniques.

Sandy describes some of the most astonishing journeys you will ever hear about--and yet, such journeys are on offer to any person who turns toward this experience and learns to access and manage the energies involved.

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Time, the Visitors and the Future of Man

Our world is soul blind, and our greatest intellectuals are not only blind to our true nature, but are in active denial. Secular humanity literally does not know who we are. But the visitors do know, and they stand willing to help anybody who is open to the possibilities that they represent.

We do have souls and there is not only an afterlife, but this life we are living right here and right now is far larger than we allow ourselves to image. Listen as Sandy describes what it means to open oneself to the possibilities on offer from our visitors. You will hear her describing, for example, movements into future time--physical movements--that actually mirror the latest time-travel research, which postulates that travel to the future is far more possible than travel to the past.

Over the course of this discussion, she will also describe physical movement to other worlds and other dimensions, as well as movement through time, and there is no reason that the freedom she enjoys cannot spread to others.

Physics expert Ralph Steiner joins us to discuss the scientific principles behind Sandy's experiences.

On offer is a revolutionary new way of experiencing reality and looking at life. As one of the visitors said when Col. Phil Corso asked him what was in this for us: "a new world if you can take it."

The process of doing just that starts now, at the beginning of 2014. At last, it's time!

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Bi-location is a form of type of time travel and I was shocked when I had an experience with other beings using bi-location instead of typically being taken. I would also like to say when it comes to Fukushima we are not dead in the water here we have other resources to help deal with this nightmare. Wormholes can be opened as a means to time travel and according to the visitors energies from another time in the future coming from a healthy and vibrant earth can be brought back through and sent to the earth now to help her heal energetically. This is one way to help heal some of the mess. For those awakened time travelers now on earth who are able to do this they should consider using this resource to help heal earth. This is energetic healing on a large scale but why would the visitors mention it if it was just nonsense. I'm starting to think that energetic healing is done by a form of time travel and by than teleporting these healing energies from elsewhere through portals or wormholes to the "person" who needs to be healed.

Those who cannot connect and have empathy for animals are Soul Blind.

Yes the visitors gave me the gift of changing what would have happened in a future reincarnation if I had continued along on my current path but this was an option and I could have ignored it. In Sandy's case I think she was experiencing future reincarnations and that's why her experiences had the flavor it did and my point is the future reincarnations she was in and experiencing were projected probabilities based on the energetic path she is currently on. I don't know why she experienced them but perhaps a message was being given to her from the future.

Hi, Sandy here.
I'm blown away by the depth of the experiences, insights and observations of these listeners. If you have questions, I’ll do my best to address them in this comments section. Thank you for your open minds and open hearts!

Yes, I have some questions. Have you ever returned to one of these Universes, after having been absent for a time? What is the reaction from the inhabitants/loved ones when you return?

Also, since I was asking about Encyclopedias and Dictionaries from another person on here, have you opened one in one of these other realms? Have you tried looking at an "old newspaper" if they possess any?

Sorry about the double post. I wanted to reply to Sandy directly.

Hi Mace
I thought the suggestion of the newspaper was a good idea! I have not seen any newspapers, magazines or televisions in these places, but I have seen things like books, toys, and clothing. I'm able to read when I'm visiting, but my focus is usually on interacting with the people.

Your suggestion gave me an idea though. Instead of asking about the date, the next time I have the opportunity to ask I will just state the date and say something like "Today is Jan 10th 2014, right?" and see what kind of response I get. The elderly, disfigured lady that I talked about in my journal recording did say it was "Sept 9th" when it was actually July 1st in my world. I thought that was interesting. In another trip the woman did not want to answer, but I persisted and she simple mumbled "19" then changed the subject. I assumed she meant it was 2019.

So far, I've never returned to the same place, but I'll ask and see if I can return. I would like to check in on the elderly lady to see how she's doing. She seemed to be very pleased that I stopped by for a visit in the one experience that I had with her.

I have encountered one individual on 3 occasions that I don't like. He's a burly man with a beard and an attitude. I just walk away from this guy, or ask him to leave.

Thanks for the questions!

Hello Sandy. Thank you very much for your responses. Asking about the date one way or another (sneakily, even) seems to be a way to gather information about another reality. It's cool that you can read books while visiting another world. You must have a way to translate those books, or perhaps they are in English.

I have one more question if that is okay. The worlds you have reached are apparently physical, in the vein of "worlds from the Multiverse" or worlds from our Universe. Have you visited any "non-physical" realities that lie perhaps beyond the Multiverse interpretation of "many Universes" theory? What is your description of these realities? What happened in those places?


Hi Mason
The books and notes I've seen are in English and the language we share is English. I have seen really strange worlds where communication takes the form of color, music and even dancing.

I'm not sure if we can look at any of this in terms of physical/non-physical. In my own ordinary everyday life I can be sitting on the couch or lying on the bed and suddenly I lose all sense of solid surfaces and experience myself and my environment as rippling, undulating, oscillating motion with liquid-like qualities. My previous husband would experience it also and called it "the high seas" and my current husband has also experienced this. It seems that nothing is truly solid.

Oh, that's interesting. Sounds very artistic.

I wonder if there are gaseous states beyond liquid states, or even more expansive states beyond them. What accounts for our perception that matter is solid? Is it simply ignorance, or is it because we are plugged into some type of field at some level? Perhaps different Universes or planets have varying degrees of connection to these "solidity fields", (some are like astronauts in orbit; others walk closer to the fields). My surmise is that solidity does exist, and it may be caused by a dark matter type of energy. This may be the trap the MOTK was talking about. I'm sure we can rise above the tendency to experience solidity, as it is our birthright. Less dense fields may also act as conduits to other worlds, for they circumvent the dark matter wells (one may have to reach an escape velocity of sorts to escape the influence of dark matter).

If you want to experience solidity or not, the choice is your decision. At any rate, it seems that one must "activate" the more non-local liquid states through consciousness. Which implies they can be manipulated deliberately.

Matter itself may not have such a high density, but it may be tugged upon gravitationally by dark matter energy. The effect creates a perception that we exist locally, and that's all there is.

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