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Friday January 3, 2014

Close Encounter Witness "Sandy" Returns with Stunning New Experiences

The contact experience is opening to a new and entirely unexpected level, and we all--witnesses and observers alike--have a chance in 2014 to reach new understanding and more open communication with our visitors. Facilitating this will be one of the primary aims of Dreamland this year.

This incredible interview with close encounter witness 'Sandy' starts off 2014, and also starts a new level of involvement in close encounter as a much larger experience even than we have previously thought. There are indications that we can control the subatomic world with the mind to a much greater than previously imagined possible, that physical movement to other worlds is possible using vibrantly powerful meditative techniques.

Sandy describes some of the most astonishing journeys you will ever hear about--and yet, such journeys are on offer to any person who turns toward this experience and learns to access and manage the energies involved.
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Time, the Visitors and the Future of Man

Our world is soul blind, and our greatest intellectuals are not only blind to our true nature, but are in active denial. Secular humanity literally does not know who we are. But the visitors do know, and they stand willing to help anybody who is open to the possibilities that they represent.

We do have souls and there is not only an afterlife, but this life we are living right here and right now is far larger than we allow ourselves to image. Listen as Sandy describes what it means to open oneself to the possibilities on offer from our visitors. You will hear her describing, for example, movements into future time--physical movements--that actually mirror the latest time-travel research, which postulates that travel to the future is far more possible than travel to the past.

Over the course of this discussion, she will also describe physical movement to other worlds and other dimensions, as well as movement through time, and there is no reason that the freedom she enjoys cannot spread to others.

Physics expert Ralph Steiner joins us to discuss the scientific principles behind Sandy's experiences.

On offer is a revolutionary new way of experiencing reality and looking at life. As one of the visitors said when Col. Phil Corso asked him what was in this for us: "a new world if you can take it."

The process of doing just that starts now, at the beginning of 2014. At last, it's time!

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Sandy's bi-location stories remind me of Robert Monroe and his journeys to Locale-1, Locale-2, etc.

To quote the character of Dr. Sam Beckett in the wonderfully original sci-fi series, 'Quantum Leap': "Oh boy!". :-)

Last year I went through several months of nightly dreams very similar to 'Sandy's' experiences. I was always someone else and in another time and another place, and also fully aware that I was me looking out through the eyes of another person. Some of these 'dreams' were really cool, but others were very mundane, everyday situations, and there was never a familiar face or relationship in any of these dreams---I was quite literally living as someone else. These dreams were quite vivid, and the emotions authentic.

I have also come to realize that even my memories of my past 'lives' (And I have a lot of them) are really not truly in the past, but just other aspects of my soul experiencing in other dimensions or realities concurrently with this life and all of the others. These lives ripple into one another and also affect all of the others. (This is why healing and our personal integrity in this reality are so important. We are affecting the other lives as well, and no one life is of more significant than the others, except the one that we are living in this moment.)

Interesting show, and also a great demonstration of just how bizarre the UFO/alien experience can be, and not always what we think it should be.

I think the section where Sandy talks about asking the date from people who live in the future is absolutely fascinating. As Whitley stated, an entity, particle, or photon cannot intersect with itself. More to the point, it may be that paths along time lines cannot overlap over each other, every path is fundamentally unique and not repeatble. Trying to get time lines or moments to overlap creates a paradox: in the case of Sandy's trip from the past to the future, if she knows exactly where she will be in the future, she could disrupt it and cause events never to occur. Her past---future---past loop (carrying information about the future to the present) could then be corrupted, even if it already happened. Another interesting feature of this circumstance is that people appeared to be uncomfortable with her question. Whitley speculates that they did not even hear the question correctly, that they may have heard something else rather than "what is the date?". That may indeed be possible. Here's what question from Sandy I believe they may have heard: "Is the future the past"? or possibly "Is the future lined up with the past?". These fit the scenario aptly. Imagine what your response would be if you heard these questions coming from another individual. If you ever hear these questions from a person, it might be good to take heed and take note as to what happens afterwards. Finally, it is interesting that she got bumped from a time line soon after she asked the question. A feedback loop between past---future---past---may have been active (she was simultaneously aware of both past and future) and this may have collapsed when she injected energy into her time stream by asking the question about the precise date. This additional energy may have bumped her, causing her to inhabit a new time line. In short, she caused herself to be bumped.

Thanks to Sandy for sharing her fascinating experiences.
A great Dreamland to start 2014.
I hope sandy will be back on for an extended interview sometime?

Regarding the 'What is the date?' question... That does not compute. It is not built into 'the program' because time is just part of the illusion that WE have created for this particular reality. All Time really cannot have a point of reference since all is happening all the time. (So, you aren't really hopping from place to place or time to time, you are just connecting and breaking down the walls that have prevented you from accessing the other aspects of your soul)
This is a very difficult concept to wrap one's mind around. The real problem is reconciling this concept in your mind with your physical and emotional body and it is quite the challenge!

Connecting with animals: I have done it several times, even down to the insect level. It is basically recognizing another part of yourself and it is an emotional experience that is hard to describe. While not all contactees may be animal lovers, I feel that the ability to connect with animals allows us to also connect with 'them' a little easier, and by extension, 'Source', God, All That Is, the Great Spirit, or whatever you care to call it.

This is pretty profound stuff, and so, so difficult for those of us who have an awareness and still must function within this reality and keep our sanity, while others around us are wrapped up in the Kardashians, the latest fad, social media, politics, and the next big sale at Macys.

Current interview with Sandy and also a thought about the California Crop Circle.

Might the numbers 192 (located in the crop circle three times) have something to do with sound/hearing or vision/sight? Sandy has the ability to communicate with entities during the daylight hours. This excellent interview with her brought forth a thought that (if this crop circle is indeed the real deal) it might be saying the rest of humanity is in for a higher frequency/life changing event. Perhaps shifting energy and awakening consciousness?????



Has Sandy been interviewed anywhere else that is available to hear/read?

Reminds me of Jane Robert's books "The Adventures of Oversoul Seven" and "Further Adventures of Oversoul Seven". I read those in the early eighties and haven't been the same since!

Cosmic: I don't quite agree with you concerning the nature of time. I believe time is something that is embedded in the fabric of our space-time Universe. Dark Matter (and even lower dimensions) may be responsible for the slow passage of time. Our bodies are more connected to Dark matter at a young age, less so at a greater age. We tend to experience time as moving more slowly at a young age, faster at a great age. That is because as we age we are undergoing an exodus/odyssey away from this Universe and into other realms where there is less density. Less density equals a more rapid unfolding of time. We move further away from particulate light, into light in a state of superposition.

Sandy mentioned particulate states of energy, and I believe that is the crux of the matter. One can treat an event as a particle (with definite location) or as a wave in superposition. It simply depends on how you want to view it, how you feel about it, and what perspective you want to take. Science has decided that we fundamentally live in a state of quantum uncertainty and potential, dismissing the concept of definite position. Then again, they have not discovered dark matter as of yet. Light has two states, wave or particle. Light can be unfocused, like a wave, or focused, like a particle.

One paradox here is the nature of "particulate" or "stable" energies. If one adheres to creating particle nature, it will create a reaction----unstable energy. Fusion is a good analogy here, fused atoms are fairly localized, yet they create much instability in the form of turbulent energy. So, trying to create a stable reality will indubitably cause an unstable reaction to occur in the time stream. That's what I envision happens when one tries to pin down a moment in time with a date---the Universe immediately rebels. This rebellion is one of particle vs. ghostly wave, of Yin vs. Yang, the escalation continues forever.

It depends how to want to approach the world---if you insist upon creating a localized, particulate reality you will create instability; if you go with the flow you will create stability. I can see how asking the date from a person in the future would cause an unstable situation and reaction in the form of confusion, feedback, and displacement. Especially if you are in an open state of mind, asking the date may "collapse the waveform", in much the same way that it happens in quantum physics experiments. The energy expressed in this implosion has the potential to knock one out of sync with an established timeline. Hence, you would bump yourself off of the timeline you were on.

Some theoretical thoughts about dark matter.... it is the cradle for the formation of galaxies. It's gravity can affect light. I believe it is responsible for creating a particle reality for light (part of light's wave/particle duality). It affects all matter in our galaxy. Humans are entrenched in the gravity well that dark matter creates, it is a part of our body systems. I believe we have access to dark matter energy, it may lay below the 1st or root chakra. The galaxy is a collection of energy niches, from lower to higher dimensions, with dark matter being the base. Dark matter may exert an effect upon the space in our galaxy, shrinking it by some factor. For this reason, high concentrations of dark matter may be used to compress space-time in a travelling spaceship scenario. It may also be utilized to overcome the resistance between atoms and create stable fusion. Exposure to dark matter may cause one to age backwards, bringing eternal, vigorous youth. Dark matter might also be used as a portable gravitational source on spaceships. It might be employed to create enhanced types of tempered materials, such as metal alloys or ceramics. It might also be used as a solar collector.

This very much fits in with Jane's contact with Seth. I continue to study (and be both intrigued and challenged) by what Seth said through Jane.

Several years ago I made a trip to my family hometown of Riverside California. My father had grown up there and I had lived there after college and was very familiar with the layout of the place. I had visited my Grandma's house many times while she was living and her gravesite after she had died. On my visit I had decided to visit all my old spots: her grave, her old house, my old house, etc. It was before GPS but I had a map and was familiar with the streets.
When I tried to find the cemetery (my first stop) it wasn't there; only an empty field with a chain link fence around it. The street with my Grandma's house was there but the houses were different. This went on and on. I was sure if I stopped and talked to anyone, everything would collapse around me.
I went back years later when my father passed away for his funeral and everything was back where it belonged. Very, very strange. My "odd" visit was during a severe rainstorm, but I was NOT lost.

Carol: Sounds like you entered what might be termed "a quantum balloon". Such dreamlike states might be delicate, and can be popped if one pricks them in the proper place (such as when one asks the date, or any other precise information regarding location). Best to let them be, so they will be sustained, if that's what you want. Or you risk an implosion of the field.

On that same topic, I had a standard dream (during REM sleep) where a person in the dream was showing me precise information, perhaps data coordinates that signified a particular location. I was hesitant to look at the information, because I knew if I did, I would awaken. I decided instead to look at the info fleetingly, with my peripheral vision. I think the same phenomenon was at play in that situation, the dream world might collapse when specific information is viewed. Fuzziness of thought is the proper mode for a dreamlike state.

Maybe Sandy could try something like asking, "Anybody got today's paper?".


Cyan: How about asking to see an Encyclopedia? Or Dictionary?

As far as a newspaper goes, it might be prudent to ask for old newspapers, or look up an older one at the Library. "Today's newspaper" could be equated mentally with "Today's time". Thus, same problem with a waveform collapse would occur. "Old newspapers" are simply old if you don't know the present date you are inhabiting. They could be a month away from your present time---a year, 10 years, etc. There is no way to tell, it is an undisclosed amount of time. They are dreamlike in that respect. In this vein, there is no way to guess your current vector (date) from an old newspaper.

An interesting aspect of these conversations Mace, --is who exactly is Sandy talking to?
At one point Sandy mentioned these scenarios may be 'staged'. If so, by whom? Are there possibly entire realms where a simple question such as "what is today's date?" is considered sacrosanct?

I remember a story from long ago whereby a channeled entity was completely dumfounded when a researcher asked, "What have you been doing since the last time we talked?".

I think the great fear of the 'aliens' is that they be construed as merely an 'artifact' of human consciousness. I feel that if we approach our interactions with them with this in mind we may be able to keep the upper hand.

Cyan: Maybe the idea of Scientific proof is abhorrent to aliens, that's why we don't have any yet that confirm their existence. References to exact points on the map of life may be considered vulgar for alien species. Proof of their existence might seem trappish for aliens.

Maybe the staging aspect is due to some other influence, such as exposure to the quantum realm.

Keeping the upper hand---who knows, maybe we can swing that somehow. But I am doubting it at this juncture.

Any views on this seemingly one sided view on alien abduction in this article? http://ufocon.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-1962-twilight-zone-episode-that.html

The article's writer is equating things that don't equate, alien abduction and child sexual abuse---forcing them to intersect violently in a close minded attempt to persuade. This is a jarring technique used by the dark side of the mind, to smother and stifle information. It is a feedback block mechanism. It is a dampening field. There is an enormous multitude of features that exist within alien abduction that don't exist within child abuse. There are plenty of stories where the visitation by aliens is voluntarily accepted, even sought out deliberately (yes, without the need for sex, if one can believe it). All traumas are not the same, this person is missing out on the individual nuances contained within specific stories. Even tempered research might help this person sort out a few of his prejudices. The conclusion, "Abductions are grist for Psychiatry, not Ufology" is a premature, unstable judgment. Unfortunately, in our world "making a point" is often the method by which we communicate an idea. It can destroy the delicate, dreamlike quality of quantum reality, bringing about a shocking implosion of energy....it leads one to be blind, rather than waking one up.

The mention of Freud in this article makes me think of his attitudes towards sex. Freud himself thought that sexual trauma or dimensions were responsible for almost anything. I imagine conservative psychiatrists shaking their heads in agreement over this person's assessment of the abduction phenomenon.

RRRgroup----sounds like an fake company.

EJ: when you say "seemingly", should I understand that you mean there is more to the alleged connection between abduction and child abuse? I already know that there is sometimes a link, but that does not mean that child abuse causes the abduction phenomenon in all cases. Plus, I argue against the tendency for people to follow the "Doug and Dave" principle, which is to believe that one thing is responsible for all cases in a given phenomenon (Doug and Dave or other hoaxers are responsible for all crop circles). Sexual abuse is not responsible for all abduction cases.

The general public does not like unresolved or controversial subjects, and would prefer to have them dismissed. When they appear to be resolved, that's when they shy away from them. That's why it is not good to draw an argument to a close immediately, without diligent research or experience in the field.

Sexual abuse is not the whole reason for all abductions. The abduction phenomenon remains unexplained.

Yes Sandy was telling it the way it is. She's let the cat out of the bag some of us are cosmic time travelers and are probably not stuck solely on earth. I think Sandy couldn't get any real answers to the year she was in because she was experiencing a future version of herself and these projected lives are probabilities based on her current life direction but they can be shifted if she diverges by altering her choices in her current reference point. The grandfather paradox is largely misunderstood when you time travel to the past you can only effect that timeline you can't kill your parents and alter the timeline from which you came and if you tried such a thing than a new offshoot of that timeline would occur and the original time line you came from wouldn't be effected at all. This negates and nullifies the grandfather paradox and shows it to be just a mythical construct of the mind. When you return to the future from the past you can only return to a very close approximation of the time line you left from if you physically left by means of a time device. Time travel to the past is possible and its difficulty is only exaggerated.

Roger, could it be that when Sandy enters her future she creates her own personal time line along with the others who are present with her? Is this a type of mini Universe? Since her signature experiences there are unique, is it possible that they cannot be reached again, regardless of what direction she approaches from? Context is then everything. Every time line is unique, every moment in time is unique; call it the snowflake principle. No overlapping or intersecting is possible. That's why the grandfather paradox does not work, you cannot get back to where you came from. You cannot retrace your steps to get back to the past that has already elapsed, you will always end up in another parallel reality. You cannot cause events not to occur if they already have, that would require you to be on that same road.

I think the problem with having a "future me" in this case is that there seems to be two people, present me and future me. But with Sandy's experience, future and present were one indistinguishable entity. She was literally living present and future simultaneously....

No barrier between present and future.

Thank you Mace. I just could not believe a person came to that singular conclusion. So many other factors are in involved. 'Seemingly' was me thinking the article was a joke or at best taken out of context. But sadly he is completely serious and I could not believe so many followed that narrow mind of thought.

Mace I based my conclusion that Sandy was experiencing a future self projected on her energy from her current life and that this was the nature of her particular time travel experience. I know from my own experience that the visitors told me just before I came into this life that I would meet an evil person in this incarnation and when I died and became aware of everything he had done to me during my life review I would be so enraged at this person that when I incarnated with him again in a future life I would know who he was and I would kill him. The visitors told me this revelation was a gift and I could do with it what I wanted and they abruptly left. So I took this seriously and changed my inner thinking and I've since been told by them that this possibility will no longer occur. So I know future lives (incarnations) aren't set in stone and one can alter "fate" if one changes one's energy. This I can say from experience because I've lived it and that's why I interpreted Sandy's experience the way I did but I'll admit I might still be wrong. If I hadn't been given this future warning by the visitors would I have known how to prevent this mistake?

Roger: I would say that there is a distinct difference between observing the future and participating in it directly. One can observe future possibilities without interference or tampering. This is done from a neutral state of mind, one that keeps the barrier erected between present and future. Knowing the future can change one's attitude towards it, and then one can decide to proceed according to one's will; one makes a decision regarding one's choices. Sandy was participating directly in her future life, living her various choices in the moment. She was inside of her future, rather than observing from the outside. Once she lived it, the events were set in stone.

Your alien visitors observed your future, then told you what might occur. In doing so, they changed your attitude towards the future reality you might have created. You decided to take another path.

EJ: It's sad when people close the book so soon on such a thought provoking, powerful subject.

This interview with Stuart Hameroff is quite interesting and is worth watching.


It is my belief that the amount of energy density (quantum density) acts as a contributing control factor for the amount of quantum "openness" mentioned in the interview. Our neurons, axons and dendrites are based upon matter that has a relatively high amount of density compared to particles or light. The density factor contributes to the collapse phenomenon, causing multiple realities to coalesce into one entity or packet. It is how consciousness gets feedback messages about how the quantum process was functioning during a given moment or groups of moments. It is possible to leave the microtubules open for longer periods, in fact to access greater quantum uncertainty it is the route to take. Remember that Stuart was talking about quantum computing, which probably has modest goals compared to consciousness at large. When energy is singing in a quantum state, it is branched off and nonlocal in nature. I call this smattering of energy across multiple dimensions anti-alignment. Dense energy is in focused alignment. Dense energy is local, spins more slowly, and exhibits less quantum uncertainty than energy in a high frequency quantum state. High frequency quantum energy leaves the alignment open rather than closed, it spins more rapidly, and undergoes more modulations. These states of density have specific attributes that account for their behavior. There is no limit to the amount of anti-alignment, and focused alignment climaxes when one reaches an energy that has such quantum density it is changeless, motionless, and static---I call this the Invariant. I believe that the Invariant is resides close to the dimension that contains dark matter. On the opposite side of the scale is the Zenithon, which is of such low quantum density that it inhabits all realities and all possible positions simultaneously.

With the bubble analogy, one can extend the bubble indefinitely, but yet the density of the bubble gets thinner. It certainly does become more unstable, but it still can be maintained if not interfered with by energy of greater quantum density (which would cause it to pop). Sandy's experience with asking for the date seems to verify that quantum realms are delicate and can be disturbed by asking questions about accurate location.

The wiring in our brains is used primarily for classical, Newtonian computations. The more refined areas of the brain (micro tubules in the interview) carry out the more complex functions, in the vein of a quantum computer.

Quite simply, the Universe, Multiverse (and beyond) is a place where niches of energy of varying quantum density exist. This density contributes to the amount of quantum superposition inherent in these states. The amount of superposition can be manipulated by a human, as the quantum density level is altered from high to lower (or vice versa). It all boils down to quantum density.

What's only been hinted at but not said outright is the human race are cosmic time travelers and I think they always have been. I believe this is what those who possess this forgotten ancient knowledge are suppressing and hiding with their secretive activities. So to ask if time travel is possible is quite laughable. When will the human race finally wake up from their amnesia and discover themselves? This is where were headed and those that can't handle this type of reality or aren't ready for it will eventually be forced to take their marbles and go play elsewhere.

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