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Friday June 8, 2012

Close Encounter Spouses: What Happens when They get Drawn In?

What does the close encounter experience mean to spouses? Anne Strieber and Lisa Romanek, both spouses of well-known close encounter witnesses have the first-ever discussion about their lives with Whitley Strieber and Stan Romanek.

But what have Lisa and Anne seen? Why do they believe their husbands?

During this conversation, startling facts emerge about the efforts that both couples have made to document their experiences. The discussion shines a powerful light on the struggle of spouses to understand, on the conflicts that the experience produces in relationships and, above all, on what happens when somebody realizes that the strange claims their spouse is making are not due to mental illness, but reflect a shocking truth.

Lisa's website is LisaRomanek.com.

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Is this Person Nuts? The Plight of the Public Abductee

'O my gosh, is this person nuts?' That was one thought that passed through Lisa Romanek's               
mind when her husband to be told her of his close encounter experiences. It was also a t
thought that passed through Suzanne  Chancellor's mind when SHE faced her own experiences.

Suzanne and Lisa come together in this powerful discussion to proclaim what is coming to be seen as a
fact: people who have close encounters are not lying and are not crazy. Something real is happening
to them. It's not understood, but it is there, and it is time for the world to stop laughing and
denying and start listening.

Read Suzanne Chancellor's blog. Click here. Her radio show can be heard at Global Radio Alliance.

Get Lisa Romanek's From My Side of the Bed at any bookstore or click here.

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Kathy are stating a fact that there will be no program download today, or stating that one isn't posted yet?The Subscriber Interview is in place and working :)

I don't have anybody helping me today, so there is a bit of chaos. I THINK that I have fixed this and you can now hear the correct Dreamland!
FINALLY!! It is playing Dreamland instead of Revelations. What in the world was wrong with it I'll never know. There wasn't even a Revelations file on the server, and yet it still kept playing it. Well, please enjoy Lisa and Anne, the show is a real winner, and I am sorry for the hassle!

It may have been a previously deleted Revelations show/file that was on the same HD from some time back. A similar thing happened to me recently. A good low-level format of the free space on the problem HD should rectify it. Think back and you should find that there was a Revelations show on that HD at some point.

Anne and Lisa . . . great discussion! Thanks.

I have always been fascinated by UFOs and visitors, as was my brother, when we were kids. He had "friends" in our yard only he could see. We are in our 50's now and my neice is grown and married, but I remember her when she was about 5, she saw the cover of Communion and just went plum crazy screaming with fear.
My brother has always worked for secret government defense contractors and has never discussed any of his jobs with me and laughs at UFOs now.
I have never seen one, but would love to at a safe distance!
I'm afraid my neice has been abducted; she was way too afraid of the book for a 5 year old.

Happy Birthday, Whitley!

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