Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday September 24, 2005

Charles Hall: Tall Whites

Linda Howe leads off with a special report on why hurricanes have become so much more intense and are forming so much faster. Then Charles Hall describes his experiences with the "Tall Whites." Is this real or not? Decide for yourself as Whitley performs his usual magic with Charles Hall, questioning him in such a way that he reveals himself for you to hear. After that, Linda returns with the story of our unquiet sun: why is it so active when it shouldn't be, and does this mean something is wrong with it? Mr. Hall's website is www.millennialhospitality.com.

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Interesting show.

Although, I sorta have to call B.S on this one. He seemed to not be very genuine during his interview.

"As you see in Book (insert number here)" Sounds more like a salesman

Sorry =\

Revisiting this after seeing an interview recently, his story is pretty similar to mine from around the mid 80s, mine seems strange and unbelievable too. Doesn't mean it's not true.

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