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Friday July 20, 2012

Change of Being: the Return of the Visitors

After nearly three decades, the visitors have returned to Whitley Strieber's life, this time bringing with them esoteric knowledge of the greatest beauty, rich with transformative energy.

At four in the morning of July 12, Whitley Strieber had a close encounter that was preparation for this week's Dreamland presentation. Listen as he describes this experience and the one that led to the writing of his journal entry Change of Being to Timothy Hogan, a man as profoundly learned in the symbols and meaning of gnosticism and Freemasonry as anyone now alive. Indeed, his knowledge was uniquely honored by Whitley's early morning experience happening when it did. It was very clearly meant as preparation for this interview.

As never before, the visitors are pointing to the ancient disciplines still reflected in practices such as Masonry as a way to the deep freedom that is essential to human evolution.

With his great knowledge, Timothy is able to shed light on the meaning of what happened, and also to offer clear understanding of the meaning of the dragon that is referred to in Change of Being.

Listen carefully, because there is a great deal of unique information and powerful new material in this interview.

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A Cry in the Night

Whitley Strieber describes to Timothy Hogan in detail what happened to him in the early morning of July 12. As happened many years ago, he heard a cry which was filled with meaning. Instead of running away as he did years ago, he opened himself to the experience, and this time the meaning was entirely different, and leads to perhaps the most extraordinary and illuminating discussion of gnosis and the power of meditation that has ever appeared here.

In addition, Whitley tells the story of a dragon that was related to him yesterday by a friend in Texas, which was probably also part of the teaching that went into this week's programming. The dragon played an important part in the experience that led to the writing of Change of Being. Here, Timothy Hogan explains the mystery of the dragon, and how it relates to the divine order behind the universe itself.

Whitley describes with great frankness an intimate contact that led to a burst of Kundalini, the significance of which Timothy explains with great authority and clarity.

This vibrantly enriching material carries with it genuine transformative potential. Listen carefully, because there is not only knowledge in the words, but behind and between the words of this very potent exchange.

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I am listening to Dreamland now. I don't know if Whitley or Timothy Hogan are aware of it, but I find it interesting that this is the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon. So much of the first part of the interview centers around Whitley's dream and the two dragons that appear out of the well.

Looking forward to the remainder of the interview and the Subscriber portion later...

Was woken abruptly at 02.42 this morning by knocks on either my front door or my window, not sure which. Listening to this now is fascinating. I suspect we may all be on the brink of something transformative.

Von Hausenberg, I suspect it was someone trying to get your attention. :-)

@ Cosmic Librarian and Von Hausenberg…if it WAS a human trying to get your attention at 2:42 in the morning, it was probably far more dangerous then if it was a visitor!! :)

Astute observation!! I only wish something awesome would have happened to me on my year of the Snake some years ago! :(

My Chinese sign is the Dragon. I will try to be more alert than usual this year...

I was also born in the year of the Water Dragon, which was why the dragons and the well got my attention. It didn't click when I read Whitley's Journal, but this interview did. The last Year of the Dragon was in 2000, but it was the Year of the Metal Dragon. It' been a while since the last Water Dragon. I'll let you look up that year on your own--- I gotta have a few secrets! :-)

This is all so strange and feels so distant. Even if amid odd events, hearing about the high strangeness of others doesn't diminish how odd all this whole scene is. No-one ever describes the actual uniforms that these US Airforce Officers wear. I'll tell you now, don't expect their uniforms to be the Blue uniforms of the 60's and 70's. You may be surprised. Look ahead.

Von Hausenberg

You are absolutely correct.

One of the very first vivid dreams I has as a child aged five...and one which I remember to this, day involved three sets of three knocks at the back door of the house. I was terrified but decided to open the door anyway...it was dark but thankfully there was no one there. I then went back into the house and I saw what I can only describe as the devil flying around the house look back at me and laughing...that was the end of the dream.

Goodness only knows what it was all about. Where does something like that come from, at that age?!

I have heard that the nine knocks are supposed to represent a call to higher conciousness...but who knows, really?

At the beginning of this Dreamland you mention you will be adding your own comments throughout and note some listeners may not like that as they want to hear from the guest. While it is irritating to have a guest constantly interrupted by an interviewer with nothing new to say, I tune in to Dreamland because of YOU, Whitley.

I would happily listen to just you, or a discussion among you and Jim Marrs and William Henry and a handful of others, because it is YOU who has had the experiences we are interested in.

As informative as your guests are, there is no one with greater insight and experience in this realm than you. I'm a subscriber because I want to support the unique information available on this site, to learn from you, to have a context to frame my own experiences in.

You are not in the same league as other Dreamland interviewers, or hosts of other shows.

You can interrupt the guests all you like as far as I'm concerned - pure gold!

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