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Friday November 16, 2012

The Biggest UFO Event in History

At a time when even some UFO groups are declaring that UFOs don't exist, we return to an event that the powers that be would prefer you forget--history's most incredible UFO event. On September 12, 1952, shocked American citizens contacted the Pentagon, military authorities, police stations, CIA officials and the media to report UFOs passing over and landing throughout the eastern US. During 12 hours of sustained UFO activity, several objects, including some that were damaged and landed, penetrated US airspace and were attacked by US Air Force fighters. What happened next is one of the greatest of all UFO cases. This must never, ever be forgotten. One day, the truth about this mystery WILL be made public. But researcher Frank Feschino has done such a thorough job digging into the case and its secrets, its doubtful that even government insiders would have more to say about it than you will learn in this riveting program. Subscribers can listen to Frank's other extraordinary interviews on Dreamland over the years. Just put the name Feschino in our search engine, and earlier programming with him will be displayed.

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Startling New Information about Lost Pilots

This week, we present the first of two special interviews with Frank Feschino. Here Frank tells us about the results of his interviews with direct witnesses to a UFO landing that took place in West Virginia during the enormous September 1952 event. You will hear his careful description of a 17 mile flight by a crippled UFO that then came to rest in a small town. The next night a couple from New York with an 18 month old baby had a terrifying and bizarre encounter near Frametown, West Virginia.

Then Frank presents information about a jet that disappeared during the event, and proof that current records about the crash do not agree with earlier accounts. Cases were removed from the record by the Air Force because they were raised to a high level of classification. BUT Frank has found the earlier records, and when he tells us the truth, it is chilling.

In two weeks, we go even deeper, discussing some documents that he has found that offer proof that the 1952 event took place, and that the events he describe definitely happened--and were far stranger and much more dangerous than anyone has as yet realized.

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What an absolutely fascinating couple of interviews! The encounter with the reptilian-like being (described in the subscribers' interview) sounded utterly frightening...and the desciption of the takeoff of the damaged craft, swinging like a pendulum, reminds me of reports I have read about craft descending "like a falling leaf". I wish I could remember the reason for those flight characteristics, which I think were described in Dr. Paul R Hill's "Unconventional Flying Objects (a scientific analysis)". I could do with reading that again.

I can't wait for part three of the interview!

Can't play show, except low-bandwidth version, which stops several minutes into the program.

Can't play show, except low-bandwidth version, which stops several minutes into the program.

I want to thank you both for this fabulous interview and for so much information. When I pulled up http://flatwoodsmonster.com/ and took a look at the drawings of the Flatwoods Monster, it brought back images that I have seen from other ancient sources. I added this website simply because it did show the statue of an ancient one. http://www.crystalinks.com/reptilians.html

This is old news for you Whitley and Frank Feschino but wanted to add it for comparison.

For me these two species do not look all that different; one having more fingers. Also, when I look into the Flatwoods Monsters face, I see strength and would be terrified if I saw it for the first time. BUT.....I wonder if as an adult I had never seen a clown would that also terrify me and the same goes for Santa Claus. (Many a child has gone off screaming at the sight of him). My point being, (and do not slap me for this) I could get used to that face, just seems to hold strength with wisdom????? Could be wrong though.

I also cant play the show on either band width.

I was twelve years old when the "Saucers" blazed across the front page of the Akron Beacon Journal during those weeks in 1952. Scared the hell out of me and my family.

Guess we know where Chris Carter came up with the 'Black Oil' in 'X-Files'... I am very curious to know what this substance truly was...

All I can say is, how weird! I can't wait for part 2 of this interview!

Awesome, just awesome all the way around!!!!

It is important to consider what the towering hover craft actually did in encounters with the terrified witnesses. The hover craft kept witnesses away from the UFO. The dog's death after running ahead to the UFO indicates it was contaminated with something deadly. Although witnesses were terrified they may owe their lives to the fact the hover craft blocked them from getting near the UFO. Who was piloting the UFO on September 12, 1952 is still not clear, although a witness described something that looked like a reptile. There's no telling who was in the UFO and how it was damaged in the first place. What stands out for me is that the hover craft seemed to protect the witnesses from dangers at the UFO site. Fear and hysteria are understandable, but I sure wish at least one of the witnesses would have asked some questions or at least hidden in the woods long enough to get a better view. Sigh... I know that's asking a lot from terrified people.

Never mind the creepy, giant Reptilians who spew acid from their hands whilst on their futuristic hovercrafts, I find it down right scary that an Air Force pilot can go completely missing without a trace over the Gulf of Mexico, plane and all.

Excellent show. I did a bit of background search and everything checked out and is highly credible.

This is one of those events that is hard to deny or claim it was something other that what it presented itself to be. Can't wait for the second part.

Excellent show. I did a bit of background search and everything checked out and is highly credible.

This is one of those events that is hard to deny or claim it was something other that what it presented itself to be. Can't wait for the second part.

The drawing depicting the face of the being on the flatwoodsmonster.com website reminds me of the faces on the giant statues of Easter Island.

WPAFB was also home to the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) - we used to refer to them as "the flower delivery guys" - FYI, Hanger 18 was/is in the Bravo area of WPAFB - not too far from the Air Force museum. I used to work in Bravo, near AFIT - excellent interview. It is also curious how Chris Carter was integrating certain things into the X Files. I think/wonder if Mr. Carter was being fed information to test public reaction. - Whitley, although I would hope that the human race can do a better job, the history of the race seems to speak otherwise. If we look at the events that occurred at Bentwater/Rendalsham and other such events, it seems that the visitors were not about to let 1952 happen again. They were able to shut down missile systems at will. This was I believe putting a fine point on it - "humans - 1952 will NOT happen again - we can if we wish make "the earth stand still" - stop your technology in its tracks". If we were to look at humans from the visitors perspective, how would we look? Barbaric, crude, warlike, and barely sentient. I think back often to Dr. Sagan's book "Contact" and to "Communion" We are indeed a species capable of the most grotesque nightmares, and the most incredible dreams........ How different it could have been if the events of Roswell, and those of this event had been treated differently - "Small moves, Elly... small moves" ..........Contact

I am hoping to hear part 2 of the subscriber interview that was promised during said interview. The story of the lost pilot is very moving, and it speaks well of Mr. Feschino's character, and I'd like to hear a continuation of what he has to say. Buy his book at http://www.flatwoodsmonster.com - I did :)

I'm going to get it tomorrow.....


Man this world is so far stranger than we can ever imagine. We all have to wake up and do our homework. Keep spreading the knowledge for those who need it. GOD BLESS!!

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