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Friday May 31, 2013

Bigfoot: Where are we now?

FREE STREAM PLAYING AS OF 05/31/13 1:50 PDT. Last fall, the discovery of Bigfoot DNA was announced. Where are we now with this? Is it true, a mistake, a hoax or just being ignored by science because it flies in the face of expectations? This week on Dreamland, we talk to Alex Hearn of Azcro.net who provided some of the material that was originally used in the study. But that's not the whole Alex Hearn story, by any means. He's one of those researchers who not only seeks the strange, the strange seeks him back! This leads to some really cool adventures, so why not spend some time with Alex, just enjoying the tales of a first-rate modern day adventurer and explorer of the very, very strange.

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Alex Hearn Faces Bigfoot

Alex Hearn and a friend found an enormous toenail in an area frequented by bigfoot. They sent it to a lab and were told that it was human. The problem is, it's size was such that whoever it had belonged to would have to be over seven feet tall. Next, they sent it to Dr. Melba Ketchum of the Sasquatch Genome Project who got some very different results. And there the controversy began as debunkers, skeptics and deniers leaped on the story from literally every direction, questioning the study, the honesty of Dr. Ketchum, the validity of the evidence until the whole thing became a screaming maelstrom of confusion and denial.

But what REALLY happened? What was it like to actually find the toenail? Where was it found? Under what conditions was it preserved? But beyond that, is there any scientific basis for Dr. Ketchum's finding that the toenail and other DNA she studied suggests that the mother was a homo sapies and the father another hominid, but of an unknown kind.

Whitley Strieber offers an absolutely fascinating theory about how this may logically have happened at the time that it appears that the DNA first emerged.

One thing is guaranteed: you will NOT find a discussion about this subject this good anywhere else at all.

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Hmmmm... I think the Denisovan is the Denisova hominin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denisova_hominin

Denisova and Neanderthals are ancestors of Asians and Native Americans. We Native Americans have the highest quanta of Neanderthal DNA of any racial group. I like being a Neanderthal descendant, because, I believe, it lends considerable psychic perspicacity. Now, before anybody puts up bias shields on Neanderthal descendants, I will say that not only am I a card-carrying member of a high IQ society but have a photo from the Jackie Kennedy fashion era in 1962 that always amazes me, when I remember I used to dress like the Kennedy fashion deva. I almost forgot to mention that, germane to this site, I've been a UFO experiencer all my life and first encountered Bigfoot at a Native American sun dance.

Give Bigfoot a few more generations of evolution, and you might be surprised at how some of those girls turn out on the fashion runway.

If you are willing to wade through this scholarly article, you find that Native Americans are number 1 and Europeans are number for frequency of haplotype B006. This article also mentions chimpanzee, and lots of anomalies and unexpected results, particularly in the Americas.


Bottom line: No one knows for sure where we came from. (If you start looking at blood types, it gets really crazy. Type O dominates in terms of numbers, yet type O is recessive. It's almost like having a world dominated by red-heads!)

I have a mixed ancestry (mainly Scots, Irish, Native American), but my ancestral roots are not nearly as important as who I am now as an individual, the quality of my character, and my personal, spiritual evolution.

You can't appreciate a fine tapestry unless you back away and look at the whole piece from a distance---up close all you see are the threads. Humanity is a tapestry with many threads of cultural, linguistic, and genetic diversity.

Maybe Big Foot is another thread in the tapestry of humanity. In any case, we are all one.

Just my opinion, both from what I've learned and intuitively... I believe, like the Native American cultures, the Neanderthals have been intentionally given a bad rap as lesser-than in the supposed scale of human evolution. I say intentionally because the *behind the scenes powers that be* from ancient times on forward, wanted to keep hidden the real and true power of the Neanderthals, just as the shamanic cultures were suppressed, demonized, and made to look silly-primitive in history books written for mass consumption, many funded by big-money foundations.

To my knowledge I have no Native American heritage, but a strong Celtic heritage.

Whitley did a great job of interviewing as he always does. The person he interviewed did not seem to have much to say so I did not even bother downloading the files.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but, I'm almost entirely sure that the toenail in question belonged to by grandmother.

Keep your ears peeled, people, a dead body is going to be revealed and soon. This is not speculation nor a hoax, abandon the temptation to resort to ad hominem logical fallacy, this is not BS. Remain skeptical, but be prepared is all I'm saying. Your minds are going to be blown.

Protect Bigfoot? Having bought and ploughed through David Paulides excellent three 'Missing 411' books, I'd say that Bigfoot is all too probably a problem best solved via a hunting scope.

My God, all those little children kiled by this highly intelligent and cunning predator. Lock and load... I completely have joined the side that accepts that Bigfoot is a problem not a delicious mystery.

Any creature clever enough to make sure that it takes the cameras of those it abducts and apparently eats, is no cuddly teddy bear, that's for sure.

One thing though, which I add in retrospect, is that I agree that trying to shoot Bigfoot, and having no effect,, (like the Dyre wolf in the NIDS ranch) may rapidly caused one's day to turn pearshaped.


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