Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday November 3, 2007

Astral Travel that Works

Whitley Strieber interviews Robert Bruce this week on Dreamland. Robert has been with us many times before, because, as Whitley says, 'he's the real deal.'

Shortly after his first interview with Robert in 2002, Whitley experienced a bizarre psychic attack. Robert was able to help him, and their discussion of this is illuminating and very surprising.

Robert talks about his own experiences and his powerful new program that enables many of his students to achieve levels of proficiency that are quite amazing.

Robert Bruce's website is astraldynamics.com.

November 2007:If you want a free place in his new course, email workshops@astraldynamics.com as soon as possible. Mention you are an Unknowncountry.com subscriber.

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