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Saturday May 14, 2011

The Astonishing Early Contactees

The early contactees with their tales of meeting beautiful blonds from Venus are almost universally dismissed. But should they be? Nick Redfern, in his new book Contactees: a History of Alien-Human Interaction, uncovers some little known facts that will make you think twice. Jim Marrs calls it, "a revealing look at alien contact." To find out why listen to this very surprising discussion between Whitley Strieber and Nick Redfern.

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Early Contactees--Modern Close Encounter Witnesses

Anne Strieber started out dismissing the early contactee stories as silly, but closer examination has led
her to understand that they are part of a continuity with modern close encounter witnesses, and not only
that, the message of the visitors, from the very beginning, has bee astonishingly consistent.

Find out what that message is and ask yourself, 'shouldn't we listen?'

Nick Redfern and Anne Strieber in a powerful conversation.

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In light of all this contactee phenomena, what are we to make of Alex Collier and his Andromedan friends, or the French guy and the Raelians, or David Icke and the Reptilians? All their stories and claims are so confusing and contradictory?

Wikileaks has some nice comments about the Raelians.

[begin sarcastic comment] Forget the Raelians...WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!...err...I mean "WHAT ABOUT THE PLEADIANS!!!! WHAT ABOUT THE PLEADIANS!!!!....[/end sarcastic comment]

As usual we hear more about what Anne thinks than the guest. :-(

A most interesting conversation, and I really appreciate the calm manner, non-hyped way in which Whitley does these interviews (I must admit that the same can be said for Henry Williams.)
What worries me somewhat is the surreptitious use of semantic meaning, probably unbeknownst to both gents. Christians call the evil satan and devils (etc.), for Islam it is shaytan. Evil, in many societies is represented by symbols and during recent years, folks like Icke have added to the variety (i.e. lizards). Now Whitley and Peter call it a new, but recent term: dark matter/energy.
On the other-hand, while criticizing Icke (and others) the gents promote the same individualized human spirituality, according to which we are all individually responsible for improving social conditions.
Thus, although giving the same message we again have fallen into the trap on concentrating on our differences of perception and nomenclature.

Do you have a link for this information?

I agree with Francis Mella. I think it is time to invest in some qualitative interviewing skills allowing people to provide their stories from start to finish. Attention should be focused on letting interviewees explicate meanings and explain events on their own.

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