Whitley Strieber's Dreamland

August 2012

August 31, 2012
For the first time in the history of the species, people in the developed world spend most of our lives not grounded to the earth. Clint Ober says this is a major health problem, and shows how to fix it. He claims that the earth itself is a natural source of healing energy, and that we need to reconnect with it in order to experience real health...
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August 24, 2012
Joseph Farrell tells the chilling story of his research into a vast underground of advanced aerospace technologies and hidden psychological operations. Nazi scientists, rogue elements within the intelligence community and drug cartels all figure in a nightmarish web that is pursuing an unholy agenda of world domination and the destruction of human...
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August 17, 2012
People are going missing all over the United States and the world, and far too many of the cases, especially when adults are involved, are barely investigated. Last April 10, David Paulides came on Dreamland to discuss this phenomenon with Whitley Strieber. They covered only the western United States. Now Dave is back, this time bringing even more...
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August 10, 2012
Before it was actually unearthed, the incredible 14,000 year old structure at Gobekli Tepi in Turkey would have been considered impossible by archaeologists. Similarly, to this day some Egyptologists dispute the true age of the Sphinx, which has been confirmed by geologists. There are many mysteries about Gobekli Tepi, chief among them the fact...
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August 3, 2012
Mary Ann Winkowski knows why some spirits remain earthbound and others do not, and how to tell the difference. She will tell you how to find out if there is a ghost near you, and what to do about it. A lifetime of research has led Mary Ann to understand the incredible ways in which these spirits influence our lives. Here, she shares her...
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