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May 12, 2007
Andrew Collins believes that the constellation Cygnus is not only the key to understanding the secrets of the human past, but that the ancients knew about the energy being emitted from the star Cygnus X-3, and could make use of it. Listen as William Henry uses his expertise to get down deep with Andrew and explore his discoveries as no other talk...
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May 5, 2007
Omm Sety claimed to be the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian--and stunned archaeologists with her knowledge of long-buried sites, to the point that she gradually convinced even the most hard-nosed of them that she had, indeed, lived a life in ancient Egypt. Not only did she find many buried ancient sites for archaeologists, she had a great...
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April 28, 2007
More and more, people at the leading edge of consciousness are focusing on 2012. Whitley Strieber's upcoming novel, 2012: the War for Souls will be published in September and is being made into a film by Warner Brothers, and now Jay Weidner addresses the secrets of nature and time itself as they relate to 2012. Ancient secrets are being revealed...
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April 21, 2007
In this all-time great Dreamland, William Henry and John Hogue dialogue about whether or not we are living in the end-times. William asks John the question, ??what really is waiting for us beyond the gates of doomsday??? They begin by discussing the list of popes that ends with the next one, called Petrus Romanus by St. Malachy in the 12th Century...
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April 14, 2007
Stan Hall penetrated deep into the jungles of Ecuador in search of hidden records in an expedition that included astronaut Neill Armstrong. They sought these records in the legendary Caves of Tayos, and now Stan tells the story of this extraordinary adventure to Dreamland guest host William Henry. Then Linda Howe tells us about the first crop...
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April 7, 2007
First Linda Howe updates us on bee deaths,then Betty Andreasson's daughter Becky brings her deep Christian faith and her lifelong involvement in the close encounter phenomenon to offer us a message of redemption for Easter. Linda returns to warn about a new wave of cat mutilations. Becky Andreasson's website is www.beckyandreasson.com. NOTE: This...
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March 31, 2007
Leslie Kean is the only established investigative reporter in the US who reports seriously on UFO issues. She has recently investigated the United Terminal UFO in Chicago and broke the story about Governor Fife Symington's admission that he had seen the Phoenix UFO that appeared a few hours before the Phoenix lights. Whitley Strieber interviews...
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March 24, 2007
Freddy Silva and Steven Halpern have teamed up to create one of the most powerful, moving and informative DVDs ever to come out of Egypt. Then Linda Howe tells us about a WEIRD cat-and-mouse game that UFOs play with some of the people who observe them. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.
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March 17, 2007
This week, Whitley Strieber interviews Lynn McTaggart on her groundbreaking book "The Intention Experiment." We learn how proper meditation practices and the use of direction INTENTION can cause real change in the world, and hear empowering examples of HOW and WHY this works, and what to do to make it work on a large enough scale to perhaps change...
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March 10, 2007
William Henry interviews Laurence Gardner on the recent "Lost Tomb of Jesus" TV documentary. We find out both William and Laurence's takes on the film. Do they feel that the tomb of Jesus has been found? Or is this something else entirely? You will not hear discussion like this about this topic anywhere else in the world. Dreamland is alone in...
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March 3, 2007
Rick Strassman, the controversial author of DMT, the Spirit Molecule, explores the possibility that hallucinogenic drugs, particularly DMT, might open doors into other dimensions that are very real. Rick's website is www.rickstrassman.com. Then Linda interviews a defense worker who saw a gray floating in the air above his head. NOTE: This show...
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February 24, 2007
Gary David has discovered that the Hopi nation of the American Southwest created its early villages, in their entirety, as a reflection of the night sky. Listen as William Henry explores with him how he made this discovery, why it must be true and, above all what it means to our understanding of ourselves as human beings, and our lost memories of...
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February 17, 2007
Whitely Strieber finds out all the latest about the new UFO wave from UFO master researcher Stanton Friedman. Stanton had been researching UFOs for over 40 years, and remains at the cutting edge in the field. Then Linda Howe interviews a witness about the weird cat-and-mouse game the UFO phenomenon involves and WHAT IT MEANS. The material in this...
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February 10, 2007
Maureen Caudill is an internationally recognized expert on neural networks and intelligent systems whose life exploded in her face when she became suddenly psychic. Another person who had this happen is Anne Strieber, and her intimate exploration of Maureen's experiences on this week's Dreamland makes unforgettable listening. Then Linda reports on...
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February 3, 2007
Gregg Braden is back from 39 days in the highlands of Central China where he has entered a monastery not reachable by road where he saw a painting that is normally concealed from view, that revealed secrets about the very latest scientific understanding of the human mind. Listen as William Henry interviews Gregg about his astonishing findings...
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January 27, 2007
EXTRA: Linda Howe interviews Mark Allin of AboveTopSecret.com about new images of the United terminal UFO the FAA said was a cloud! This is stunning material. Listen to the efforts that have been made to validate these pictures. And don't miss them on Earthfiles.com! Then John Lash is one of the great interpreters of Gnostic wisdom alive today,...
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January 20, 2007
Our annual prophecy show with Nostradamus master John Hogue is an absolute stunner. Listen as Whitley Strieber talks to John about what will happen over the next 12 to 24 months, and fasten your seatbelts, because this is going to be a wild ride! Then Linda has a prophecy of her own--what's happening to the SUN? NOTE: This show summary,...
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January 13, 2007
William Henry talks to Christopher Jones, who has translated one of the legendary ??hidden?? books of our time, Otto Rahn?­s Crusade Against the Grail. Although Rahn wrote in 1933, it has taken 73 years for it to be published in English. Find out why, then listen to possible Sasquatch cries thanks to the intrepid Linda Howe! NOTE: This show...
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January 6, 2007
Think the Neanderthals were a bunch of ignorant cave men? Think again, says renowned author of over a hundred books from "The Outsider" in 1956 to the Atlantis Blueprint with Rand Flem-Ath that established a new basis for research into the Atlantis story. Now he's out with "Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals," an astonishment of a new...
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