Whitley Stribers Dreamland
January 24, 2004
Shirley Andrews takes the position that the evidence for lost civilizations is overwhelming and we need to ask the questions, why did they disappear and what message have they left for us. Linda Howe has an AMAZING interview with a close encounter witness, plus Anne Strieber's News from Unknowncountry. NOTE: This show summary, previously...
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January 17, 2004
Are there signs of genetic engineering in human DNA? Will Hart says that the more we learn about genetic engineering, the more it seems that this is the case. He lays out his case for us. Then, Linda Howe finds out some astonishing truths about Dark Matter. Most of the universe isn't even visible to us! NOTE: This show summary, previously...
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January 10, 2004
Ross Hamilton has made some truly incredible discoveries about the Great Serpent Mount in Ohio. This ancient Native America earthwork has got a real mystery to reveal. Listen as Whitley finds out the answer. How does the constellation Draco figure into the story, and who, truly, does the serpent represent? Then Linda Howe explores a much more...
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January 3, 2004
Nostradamus scholar John Hogue tells us about the true strangeness of Nostradamus, whose prophetic abilities were far stronger than has been realized. Linda Howe with a story of a rare ice circle. She interviews the witness who saw it form. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.
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