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Friday September 20, 2013

UPDATED 4PM Friday--Alien Viruses, Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, Biowarfare (And the Bizarre JFK Connection.)

UPDATE 4PM Friday September 20: Linda Moulton Howe leads with a breaking story about elk suddenly dropping dead in Montana and deer dying of hemmorhagic fever over the past few days in New Mexico. Dr. Robert Wood and Nick Redfern report  during their interview on findings involving similar human deaths in the same areas during recovery operations in the late forties and early fifties.

Dr Robert Wood and Nick Redfern offer some deep and concerning information about the increasingly brutal UFO coverup, the presence of alien viruses on Earth and the truth behind all the denials. You will hear in this interview some of the most hidden, most provocative and most convincing descriptions of the deepest and most provocative of government UFO secrets.

This goes far beyond any other interview of its kind--as does the stunning book it is based on, Alien Viruses, Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 and Biowarfare.

Dr. Robert Woods' website is MajesticDocuments.com.

Nick Redfern's website is NickRedfern.com.

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Alien Viruses--Discoveries You Need to be Aware Of

Hidden deep in the most secret levels of government files is information about an unwanted side-effect of alien contact: the appearance of bizarre viruses.
"Every time the retrieval teams got close to these objects, they came down with an Ebola-like virus," says Nick Redfern when discussing an almost unknown UFO event that took place deep in the area of Texas known as the Big Thicket.

Then there's the story of a finding that suggests that aliens might attempt at times to intentionally seed our world with viruses. "Personnel at Fort Deckert came to the unsettling conclusion that the spheres were being intentionally crashed on Earth in order to seed the planet with the viruses they contained."

And there's more...much more.

Listen and learn, folks!

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Thanks for the update, Whitley. Very excited to see the video.

I do not understand. Where do I find the Linda Moulton-Howe story. What do you mean update? HELP!

Where is the Linda Moulton Howe segment? I couldn't find it.


Oh, OK - I found Linda's report on the pop up player.

Okay I found it because of Nancy. THANK YOU NANCY! Thank you Whitley!


Whitley, thank you for these two interviews, there is always so much more to learn; thank goodness for researchers like Dr. Robert Wood and Nick Redfern..... When your guest mentioned McDonnell Douglas, I felt inspired to post this.

James S. McDonnell (McDonnell Aircraft Corporation) was an extraordinary human being. MANY years ago he sponsored a conference at Washington University (St. Louis). The conference was centered on the world of metaphysics. The speakers came from all parts of the United States and some from outside the U.S. to share their research papers. I was very young then and privileged to be sitting at the welcome desk; as a perk for doing this I was able to listen in on some of the sessions. He was such an amazing soul.


He had a unique ability to synthesize the details and see the whole picture and future evolution with an uncanny accuracy. And he had an insatiable, searching curiosity that enveloped everything about human existence from genetics and evolution through the interrelationship of the mind and brain, from the complexity and interconnectedness of everything on our spaceship Earth (his term) through the vastness of the cosmos, encompassing the fundamental philosophical questions of science and human existence.

Throughout this period he continued to search for greater meaning. In 1935 he wrote: "What I desire is to find some activity to which I can devote all of myself and which will lift me out of my small self and enable me to serve the creative evolution of life on earth as a whole."

In the area of genetics he was greatly intrigued and excited when the molecular structure of DNA was discovered by Watson and Crick in the 1950's. He meticulously probed the scientists at Washington University to learn all he could. In 1966 he provided funds for construction of a new medical sciences building and, looking to the future he instructed that two extra floors, not needed at the time, be built. He then endowed a new Department of Genetics (to be housed in the extra space) and at the dedication of the building lectured the audience on the importance of the study of genes for the future well-being of humanity.

"Universal Creative Spirit – We thank you for the gift of conscious life on Earth with the opportunity to explore, create, develop, and grow in spirit and the opportunity to nurture all living things and take charge of the creative evolution of same. Hallelujah!"

Whitely, you referenced a PDF or mp3 of one of your articles during the interview that you said is probably on this site somewhere. Please could you, or some kind person here, direct me to this file?


What fascinating revelations about JFK!

I really enjoyed these interviews, and listened to this one several times because it was so full of good information. Every time I listen to one of your interviews, I am reminded of how little we really know about the world around us, how much goes on unseen and unnoticed by most of us, not only because of secrecy and intentional camouflage but also because reality is so much more complex, multi-layered and multi-dimensional than we can know. Thanks you your site, Whitley, and all the wonderful stuff on it and in your books, and also thanks to those who share their knowledge with us, we are able to peek into some of the corners of life's mysteries, and if we so choose, to open ourselves more fully and courageously to other ways of experiencing and being in the world. I often forget to say it, but Thank You, to you and your Team.

Carollee, thanks for sharing that about McDonnell Douglas. It is always good to hear of someone who has put their money and efforts to help further our evolution in whatever way they choose.

I cannot find Linda's segment. I download the linked file and Linda's segment is not on the file. Where is the link to download it? Merci.

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