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Friday April 20, 2012

An Abductee Gets Personal--and Goes Public!

Close encounter witnesses rarely state their names in public, but Suzanne Chancellor not only does that, she's got a blog and a radio show, and a phenomenal story to tell. Listen and be horrified, enthralled and amazed as Whitley Strieber questions her on what happened to her and why she has taken the unprecedented step of going public not only with her information, but with her name. Is it time for others to step forward, perhaps many of us, maybe hundreds or even thousands?

What if we all did it. If enough of us say we're sick of hiding and sick of being laughed at and demand respect and state our names, we might well change the world, or take a very long step toward doing that.

Think about it. It's time.

Listen to Suzanne's show on GlobalRadioAlliance.com.

Read her sharp, smart blog at AbducteeAwareness.Blogspot.com.

Join Suzanne on FaceBook. Click here.


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Anne Strieber and Suzanne Chancellor: A Contactee with a NAME

Unknowncountry listeners are well aware of Anne Strieber's vast knowledge of the close encounter experience. She has probably read more letters from witnesses and talked to more of them than anyone alive. Here, she and Suzanne Chancellor compare notes, in the first interview in our contactee series where the witness is named.

Suzanne's experience has been lifelong, complex and highly provocative. Listen as she reveals to Anne--and to us--things she has never spoken about before.

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Having just listened to this fantastic Dreamland interview with a 'meeting of the minds' of 2 experiencers, I was interested in Whitley and Suzanne's discussion of how to approach the subject in a public way. Whitley, of course, has written about it and has created this effective online vehicle for communicating and sharing information, and Suzanne is on her way with her own program. While they discussed the possibility of pushing for government disclosure (or not!), I was struck with Whitley's comment to not "sink down into ordinary politics" as a means for more public awareness. This is a subject so literally universal that it could create an entire paradigm shift in how our society is organized and relates to each other.

I feel that the reason there will never be a disclosure is because the way things are now they are un-observable and if it were suddenly brought out openly by the President or Government and they had no reason to be hidden, seeing them everywhere would blow our minds!!!!

Wow, had those same exact thoughts about the universe and how things may be arranged in a sort of "as above so below" arrangement, i.e. atoms are a reflection of the structure of the solar system, and does it continue on and on in that same pattern, and also, the consciousness of celestial bodies. Great show, thanks.

April 20th Dreamland enjoyable as always but,
Whitley Please turn you computer sound off during interviews, I've heard it in many interviews.

It is mildly disruptive but more seriously, it gives the impression that your aren't giving your guests you full attention which I'm sure your are.

Anyway that's my 2 cents worth.


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