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Upon Not (Yet) Seeing The DaVinci Code

This is the second time I have posted a Diary entry about a movie. As of this writing, I have not yet seen The DaVinci Code film, although I plan to, especially because the studio (Sony) is the same studio that is producing Whitley's new movie The Grays. I might have hoped to have been invited to a screening, but since it opened at the Cannes Film Festival, I would have had to fly to France in order to see it before it opened in theaters here.

I also must be one of the only people in the US who has never read The DaVinci Code. This is not because I'm too snobbish to enjoy thrillers, it's because I already KNOW all the information in the book that is shocking so many readers, due to our Dreamland interviews with William Henry, Laurence Gardner and especially Margaret Starbird, who has spent a lifetime resuscitating the sullied reputation of Mary Magdalene which was besmirched by Pope Gregory in the 6th century, when he declared her to be a prostitute, despite the fact that this is mentioned absolutely nowhere in the scriptures.

But thinking of the lost truth about the Magdalene reminds me of a book I read many years ago, called When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone. It was a "prehistory" of God, pointing out that God would inevitably have been considered to be female in the early days, when man first developed a conscious mind that could comprehend such concepts, since the earth's seasons so closely follow a woman's own cycle of fertility. We are spring when we're young and beautiful and sexually appealing, summer when we marry and have children, autumn when we see them grow up and leave and winter when we're again alone.

I relate it to The DaVinci Code this way: When religions push out women, their dogmas become hard and dry and they start being able to justify doing things like waging war and murdering and torturing people in the name of some testosterone-soaked male God.

Don't misunderstand me, I truly appreciate the burdens that men bear. Most of them take on the huge and unselfish job of supporting a family, day in and day out, mostly without complaint. When they're dead tired at the end of the day, a kiss on the cheek from one of these same little ones, who are costing them so much time, energy and money, is usually enough to revive them?imagine that!

The current wars all around the world are examples of what I hope are the last days of the old patriarchal era. I don't know if a matriarchal era would be any better, but I do think that a balanced era, with equal weight given to both the masculine and feminine sides of life, and of each of us, would be. I admit that it's much easier to repeat a platitude like this than it is to figure out how to make it happen. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, after which they assumed the world would end. Maybe the world that needs to end and will end is the world of male/female dichotomy.

If that ever happens, Mary Magdalene's reputation will truly be redeemed.

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