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Friday, May 16, 2014
Last June 27, I wrote the diary below. At the time I was on radiation and chemotherapy. Nobody really expected me to still be here in May of 2014, but here I am. I'm on chemotherapy 5 days a month and so far my tumor, against all expectations, hasn't changed since the day of the surgery in May of 2013.

And now I've found some...
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Thursday, June 27, 2013
Now hat I have a serious case of cancer (I go for radiation 5 days a week and take chemotherapy in pill form every night),I've begun to wax philosophical. Some of the best philosophy I've read is from Bucky the Cat, of the "Get Fuzzy" comic strip.

According to Bucky, "Life is like a can of tuna--it's messy, it stinks,...
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