Anne's Diary

Tails, Birds, Nests and the Passing Seasons

It’s fall, and birds and squirrels are stocking up on food for winter and building materials for their nests. Squirrels, like some dogs, have long fluffy tails. Other dogs have their tails docked. This is an old tradition, which originated among the European upper classes. The dogs of the lower classes had big fluffy tails like many mutts do today.

Whitley remembers when he was a kid, they had a dog with an immense fluffy tail, who was chased every spring and fall by hordes of birds after that hair. She used to rush along the ground, racing from shelter to shelter, followed by a literal flock of birds.

Where we live, dogs are not let out to run free, but I’m watching squirrels having the same problem that plagued Whitley’s dog.
Dogs and cats and squirrels are not the only creatures who contribute to bird nests, though. A gardener we once had, when we had a garden, found a fallen hummingbird nest, and we discovered that it was lined with spider’s silk
Now, here in Southern California all we have to worry about is drought. The situation where most Americans live is very different, as I am sure you know. The weather is terrible, and people are wondering what happened to global warming. What happened is nothing new: extremes like this are apparent in every global warming model there is.

Climate change is upon us, but the seasons are still here, winter will follow autumn, and the birds will migrate southward in most of the hemisphere. (Not so much here, though. We’re where a lot of them come!)

Spring will come again, the leaves will reappear, the days will grow longer and warmer once again—and the dogs and cats will come outside again, the squirrels will wake up, and you can be sure that the birds will be ready!

Read my book, Miraculous Journey. Joy from the heart.

I have your book and it is a wonderful read! It is one of my favorites that brings me to so many realizations.

Lovely diary entry, Anne. Made my day :) and learned a few things, too! Never knew a fluffy tail is in such demand!

I missed this, but so glad that I read it first time on Christmas morning (yesterday for us here in Oz) because it is such a sweet little gift. Thank you so much, Anne, for sharing your happy thoughts with us, and also the sad ones. May you and Whitley have many times of beauty and joy together.

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