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Kevin Ahbleza
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Username: kevin_puppos

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Posted on Friday, October 18, 2013 - 11:32 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post

Dr. Phil A Problem Himself ? A FRAUD ?

My Dear Friends,

I would not normally care very much for TV programming, but a relative at home watches Dr. Phil daily, so I notice the things Dr. Phil is saying and doing.

I have several concerns :

1)- I am concerned about what sort of standards he is using by which to judge patients' behavior- he seems to fly- off- the- handle at certain lifestyles or habits that diverge from the typical upper- middle class U.S. experience- one thing that is of greatest concern is his personal obsession with couples who have an age difference between them of much more than five years- recently he was berating a couple where the youngest partner WAS 30 YEARS OLD- I am amazed that no one has yet called Dr. Phil on his flip tendency to implicate such adults as child- molesters when the youngest partner IS " ONLY " THIRTY-

I mean, where is THE PROFESSIONAL BOARD AT when Dr. Phil proceeds TO MAKE CLINICAL EVALUATIONS based on this wholely SUBJECTIVE STANDARD ? ! He keeps bragging that his show is very closely monitored for professional standards being kept.....BY WHOM ? !

2)- I am concerned therefore about THE PATIENTS INVITED TO ATTEND HIS SHOW for analyses, but I am possibly even more concerned about the MANY MANY people who are VIEWERS who happen to have similar problems, at least to them, and how such troubled viewers may react to seeing others berated for exposing their personal problems to public scrutiny and even ' entertainment ', if I dare suggest it is being treated as such !

3)- In months of being exposed to his rants, I HAVE NOT ONCE ever heard Dr. Phil question THE CAUSES of all of these dysfunctional or perverted situations that people end up having- I have NEVER seen him question U.S. SOCIETY, WHAT IS FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY THAT PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE MADE SUCH A TERRIBLE MESS ? !

Some of the family situations highlighted are truly SICK and TERRIBLE- needing to be kept IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE AND NEVER EVER DIVULGED PUBLICLY-but I NEVER hear discussed the overall societal CONTEXT of economic SUFFERING, media IRRESPONSIBILITY, Corporate sponsored OBJECTIFICATION of living feeling human beings and animals- Dr. Phil essentially DUMPS ALL responsibility ONTO THE INDIVIDUAL AS IF EACH PERSON LIVES IN SOME KIND OF MORAL VACUUM OF THEIR OWN MOST DELIBERATE CHOOSING AND MAKING ALL UNTO THEMSELVES. Far be it from LARGER SOCIETY to share any of the blame for the pathology of relentlessly pressuring mere flesh and blood humans into in- humane treatment of one another.....

Ahbleza Kevin Ahbleza,
The Born Observer- The Watcher of Beauty-
He Who Sees the People's Path to Life
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Posted on Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 6:50 am:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post


Dr. Phil is a psychologist (PhDl) among other things. I consider Psychology to be a pseudo-science and not a true science, but that is a whole other argument.

He has a #1 best selling non-fiction Book. His show is the #1 syndicated talk show in the USA. He does a lot of background work on each guest before they ever get on air.

That said, you probably believe that I like him...I don't...for some of the reasons you list.

That is the problem I have with Psychology...you can have as many sides to it as stars in the universe.

There is one great solution to his show though...use the ole' remote and change the channel.
Understand that all things are sacred--yet nothing is sacred. ~Yotee Coyote

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Blog: animalspirits--withoutfear.blogspot.com
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Username: lassensage

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Posted on Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 4:38 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post

Howdy Animalspirits, been quite a while.

By the way,I'm not a Dr.Phil fan, only took a few moments for me to figure that out. I've only watched briefly while flipping through the channels..that was more then enough.
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Kevin Ahbleza
Advanced Member
Username: kevin_puppos

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Registered: 2-2005
Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 9:24 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post

Thanks animalspirits and lassensage,

Yes, I guess I take up some space here making a long complaint about him.

As you each have your views, I have my own view on human nature- for one, I am seeing psychology as being pretty ignorant of the basics of what motivates human beings- and how often ( it seems obvious to me ) how often the so- called ' experts ' and ' authorities ' fail to see their own human nature at work as they subtly or not so subtly seek to dominate others around them under various ' legitimizing ' professional and institutional guises. AND how professionals back each other up in that process.

I guess my main point in complaining is that Dr. Phil is clearly doing more harm than good by the approach and treatment of the subject matter and the people involved- he is actually helping to perpetuate the very problems he claims he seeks to solve.

Most of THAT problem is quite evident by HIS SUPERIORITY ATTITUDE- just watch how he responds whenever a ' guest ' ( patient ) challenges him.

He has the attitude that he CANNOT BE and therefore IS NOT WRONG.

When all along he cherry- picks the facts and symptoms to justify his conclusions.

Which gets me right back to the issue as to what human nature really consists of- the thing that psychology has no clue on- human nature is the Alpha Male Dominator that just happens to become compensated for, usually quite effectively by tribal cultures, as tribal cultures through the millennia evolve cultural forms to re- direct those Alpha tendencies into neutral or even positive directions. NO human culture, neither tribal nor modern, has ever completely ' cured ' humanity of this Alpha Male instinct- the best that happens is that some cultures do a better job of developing compensating mechanisms that place that dominance/ aggression ' in check and in balance ' at earliest opportunity. BEFORE it can grow out of control and do real harm to society.

The huge danger for modern psychology and sociology is the foolish mistake of thinking, as they do, that THEIR INTELLECT can somehow guarantee them the ability to see human nature, ( including seeing themselves ) for what it is- that is a huge and costly mistake, and underestimates the powers of self- deception that the human mind employs when in a pathological state, where the ends are reasoned to justify any means.

And THAT is the basic problem with modern cultures- and any imperial culture throughout history- you can ALWAYS identify a sick or pathological culture by this : DOES THAT CULTURE STILL RETAIN TRULY EFFECTIVE INTERNAL MECHANISMS FOR SELF- CORRECTION ? If it does NOT, it is sick and headed for, really needs to undergo, cultural extinction.
Ahbleza Kevin Ahbleza,
The Born Observer- The Watcher of Beauty-
He Who Sees the People's Path to Life

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