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White Dot's Seen in Sky
Where have all the Users for this site gone?
Coffin-shaped small UFO on School of Mines campus
Kansas UFO
Mars UFO
"An important new video."
Naples Florida video on ABC news now
UFO releasing little ufos
Archive through July 19, 2010
Himalayas UFO!
Sighting near Santa Monica
Air Canada pilot swerves to avoid planet Venus???
Columbia UFO
Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide
We Have Lost The War On Drugs
From hum to D.U.M.B to...recent earthquakes?
What We Need Is A Microwave Toilet
Cave Art
Milwaukee disk
Turkish UFO link gone
Amazing new crom formations
Arizona dust storm
How do I leave comment on Out There?
Re--comment about Alien footage
Stick figures, again!
Bolton UFO
Israeli UFO shot down
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