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Trivia/Little Known FactsMichael Smith139 9-08-14  9:54 am
ORIGINSalmabear530 23 9-03-14  10:07 pm
ZOMBIES!blue8-01-14  2:29 pm
MiseryBuddie18 7-27-14  6:46 pm
Göbekli Tepe & The Great YearMama Shine5-20-14  1:41 pm
DARK-EYED CHILDREN reports out of Abilene, TXalmabear14 3-22-14  9:19 pm
Tutankhamun's FireballHarper 3-22-14  1:06 pm
History of ElvesHarper 3-22-14  1:03 pm
Super Megaliths found in Siberiacrazy parrot3-03-14  12:51 pm
Why do they think the Ancient Aliens left?almabear12-27-13  9:11 pm
Atlas' Burdenda~an 11-20-13  4:44 pm
Inland Sea in Arizonada~an 14 11-11-13  1:56 pm
Atlantis found?da~an 131 11-08-13  8:48 pm
The Clan of the Cave Bear- An Ancient Goal Metda~an 11-07-13  6:06 pm
Hollow Earth TextbooksBuddie11-01-13  11:54 pm
C2CAM links 'God' with 'NWO'benign10-27-13  2:48 pm
More on PhotographsHenry10-23-13  9:58 am
Old PhotographsHenry21 10-23-13  9:58 am
The Christian Persecution MythKevin Ahbleza12 10-18-13  11:59 pm
Fraud of Christianity revealed from beyondKevin Ahbleza392 9-24-13  9:02 pm
Ley-lines (My thoughts)Chautauqua11 6-06-13  12:09 pm
Rosslyn Castle, music code foundStephen in AZ102 5-30-13  10:17 am
Atheists and EvolutionistsStephen in AZ260 5-30-13  9:38 am
Heracleion Photos: Lost Egyptian City Mama Shine4-30-13  3:34 am
The South Still Lies About the Civil WarMark A. Foster32 4-08-13  4:26 pm
Ancient site unearthedMama Shine4-04-13  10:28 pm
David Weber Sci- Fi- You Like It ?Kevin Ahbleza3-31-13  11:36 pm
John Lash- Jay Weidner Credibility ?Mr. Mansions3-05-13  2:10 pm
Titanic II ? (for real) Mr. Mansions2-27-13  10:04 pm
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