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Death Of the American Dreamcherokee61 4-16-14  11:08 am
The Snap Back Of 2014Michael Smith25 4-15-14  7:38 pm
Blood Moonscrazy parrot4-09-14  3:17 pm
Israel Closes Embassies and ConsulatesMark A. Foster3-28-14  2:07 am
World Cancer Day 2014Mama Shine2-04-14  8:04 pm
Nelson Mandela~~~RIPMark A. Foster2-02-14  2:11 pm
Interesting developments in South AmericaMichael Smith12 1-31-14  10:10 pm
An Interview Being Censored By US MediaMichael Smith1-31-14  9:45 pm
US Blocking People From ExpatriatingMichael Smith1-28-14  6:57 pm
Sailors That Responded to Fukushima Suing TepcoMichael Smith1-12-14  5:57 pm
Gen. Twining: Roswell was extraterrestrial event.xretsim1-06-14  9:39 am
Jimi wishes you all happy holidaysSharon212-27-13  9:22 am
Christmas Timesetscrew12 12-19-13  7:13 pm
The Saint Maker!Sharon212-18-13  6:51 am
Brazil tells the US to get lostMichael Smith12-17-13  10:54 pm
Sorry Pope, I am Thankful for Capitalismbean31 12-16-13  11:50 am
50 years later, nothing has changedcherokee22 12-16-13  9:08 am
Thailand police join protestersLily12-10-13  8:27 pm
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA...setscrew4162 56 12-07-13  11:12 pm
Boomerang Chickencherokee12-07-13  9:22 am
This is worth your time to see.Michael Smith20 12-06-13  2:51 am
Pope Hammers Capitalismcrazy parrot12-03-13  8:35 am
Conservatism and MoralityMike2763 10 11-18-13  4:31 pm
Revin' up for 2012...you betcha!Stephen in AZ808 11 11-12-13  7:37 am
Art Bell Returning to RadioMama Shine53 11-09-13  10:48 pm
Young Man dies while jailed on pot chargebenign11-09-13  7:11 pm
The Fifth EstateMichael Smith11-09-13  9:12 am
American Blackout & Grid-Down DrillSecond Wind45 11-07-13  3:53 pm
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