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Spiritual SpeculationsBuddie725 10 2-24-15  8:58 pm
Earth Mother our Womb of LifeA Brother1254 17 2-20-15  3:40 am
Marian Apparitions- Your Views ?NATiVE ALiEN130 2-02-15  11:11 pm
Poem -maybe you would like to post yours here?sahgwa592 1-26-15  8:53 pm
Jesus--Man or Myth?NATiVE ALiEN81 1-23-15  8:48 pm
Prayers NeededSharon21417 19 1-20-15  9:23 pm
Past Life Memoriesblue400 1-04-15  10:03 am
The loss of a beloved petBuddie102 11-26-14  8:24 pm
He is here.A Brother10-28-14  5:19 am
New Beginningsalbert 10-24-14  3:37 am
The Righteous vs Capitalistbenign10 8-10-14  9:39 am
The blender theory....Buddie24 6-11-14  8:50 pm
Death and Journey BeyondMama Shine17 5-19-14  4:34 am
The true identity of Godalmabear44 5-18-14  12:08 am
Gabriel Garcia Marquez~RIPSharon24-18-14  6:13 pm
Indigenous People -- NewsBuddie224 1-19-14  3:40 pm
Efrain Rodriguez's Tsunami PredictionMark A. Foster10 12-30-13  11:21 pm
Why I am no longer a light workerMama Shine11-24-13  7:47 am
Divine 'Matrix'benign11-23-13  1:58 am
Ocean Swimming as MeditationLantana11-11-13  7:20 pm
It is hard for rich men to enter heavenbenign11-09-13  8:11 am
Totem Animals, Animal Spirits and ReadingsSharon22566 34 11-04-13  2:57 pm
Ten signs of spiritual AwakeningLily11-02-13  7:33 pm
ChristianitySharon249 10-22-13  5:41 pm
Jesus of NazarethStephen in AZ269 10-19-13  11:08 pm
Hell Explained benign24 10-09-13  8:18 am
God abhors human sacrificebenign10-08-13  5:53 am
When God was a GirlNATiVE ALiEN10-04-13  2:23 pm
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