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Tesla roadster unveiled in Santa Monicaso_tired151 9-08-14  6:25 am
Search for advanced extraterrestrial intelligenceallen8-21-14  12:05 pm
Float For 5 MinutesMama Shine1-07-14  12:33 am
Clean Energycherokee12-06-13  2:41 pm
China Launches its Moon Roverdennis12-01-13  4:22 pm
Ancient humans interbred with "mystery population"Mike211-19-13  2:58 pm
Video tapes of Apollo 11 hard to findMike211-13-13  8:56 pm
NASA current budget: Humans will Never go to Marsda~an 11-11-13  2:26 pm
Evolution of bioluminescencecherokee7-23-13  8:52 am
TED: You're Phone is Watching YouMike27-16-13  4:12 pm
TED TalkBuddie7-13-13  6:43 pm
Explosion on the Moonbean5-18-13  10:31 am
Primer FieldsQuantumJohnny3-01-13  9:25 am
Mathematician's dreams proved correctLily12-27-12  4:45 pm
Cassini Spots Nile Like River on TitanMr. Mthood12-12-12  9:39 pm
Let There Be (New) LightMr. Mthood12-12-12  9:25 pm
Warmer Atlantic currents mean a wetter Europetomkowt11-05-12  10:24 pm
SpaceX Launches First Commercial Cargo LoadMr. Mthood10-09-12  7:11 pm
Thorium reactorsEnrico9-27-12  10:25 am
Shuttle Endeavor to MuseumMr. Mthood9-20-12  10:14 pm
Stem cells>>17 days after death.Roxanne6-15-12  10:16 am
Venus Crosses SunMr. Mthood6-05-12  7:34 pm
Planet nibiruallen5-17-12  1:04 pm
Black Hole emits humongous energy burstrhetorician5-03-12  11:27 am
Extraterrestrial Life and Censorshipallen4-30-12  10:03 pm
Solar Flares/Grid Failuretemair4-19-12  6:34 pm
James Cameron is now on seabed/Mariana TrenchStephen TenacĂ©3-25-12  6:30 pm
CERNJimmy 3-06-12  1:59 pm
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