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Our personal UFO histories....Sharon24037 73 4-17-14  10:27 pm
When there are witness to an abductionHarper 9042 227 4-16-14  4:56 pm
Skyfire UFO and Loud Boomscrazy parrot4-13-14  10:05 pm
Loud Booms and Strange Sounds- A Resurrgence QuantumJohnny4-13-14  12:20 pm
Dr LaViolette's Superwave Warning Spring 2014sylvannah4-11-14  7:23 pm
Since Mars is in the Unknown Country headlines...crazy parrot4-09-14  3:20 pm
GabrielWarlockStrange Stephen in AZ529 4-07-14  8:06 am
Exercises in Practical MadnessStephen in AZ1619 25 4-07-14  1:53 am
Ed Dames Extradimensional ViewMark A. Foster4-06-14  11:16 pm
Giant Object Lands on MoonBernie4-06-14  9:23 pm
Aliens from a previous universe cycleStephen in AZ861 16 4-04-14  5:59 am
Alien Abduction and Memoryalmabear456 4-02-14  10:31 pm
"Alien Mind the Primer"Mark A. Foster400 3-31-14  11:47 pm
The Fear AspectHarper 3-31-14  8:14 am
Science channel close encountersalmabear3-27-14  12:06 am
Alien AbductionMark A. Foster573 3-26-14  12:03 am
Dreams? more important to UFO than we think ?Buddie30 3-22-14  1:39 pm
The Ashtar CommandMark A. Foster3-18-14  1:26 am
Dr. Roger Leir~~~RIPDavid W. Chace3-16-14  10:40 pm
Time travelDavid W. Chace605 3-09-14  4:39 am
Proof that some Crop Circles are realGruvkitty2887 51 2-27-14  12:28 pm
SPIRIT VISITORSalmabear2-25-14  10:55 pm
MUFON Reportalmabear19 2-25-14  3:20 pm
Stan Romanek: Game OverGoodCop BadCop 15 2-24-14  5:04 pm
Stan RomanekRetro45 2-22-14  1:18 am
Black Eyed Kids report, Oregon.almabear17 2-15-14  12:27 am
Contact ExperiencesMark A. Foster31 2-09-14  12:20 am
UFO show science channelLdyhawk36914 1-22-14  7:52 pm
The return of Bowencrazy parrot1-14-14  11:50 am
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