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Alien Abductionalmabear593 12-15-14  7:19 pm
Possible UFO sighting near Boulder CO almabear10 12-14-14  5:01 pm
Major UFO Sighting!bert25 12-12-14  12:45 am
Our personal UFO histories....Buddie4123 74 12-03-14  8:38 pm
Lockheed "scientist" claims UFOs are real Sharon210-31-14  1:40 pm
Dr LaViolette's Superwave Warning Spring 2014sylvannah10-22-14  6:20 pm
Time travelDavid W. Chace612 10-07-14  7:20 am
I love his video worth watchingDancehawk9-24-14  12:55 am
Proof that some Crop Circles are realSharon22890 51 9-20-14  9:22 am
Latest Dream/Contact Experiencealmabear9-18-14  3:44 pm
When there are witness to an abductionBuddie9074 227 9-13-14  4:32 pm
Real Or Faked?almabear8-30-14  11:58 pm
Daughter took video of UFOxretsim10 8-27-14  7:03 pm
My two recent "encounters"bidaabin8-07-14  9:01 pm
GabrielWarlockStrange Stephen in AZ532 7-16-14  2:03 pm
Yet another experienceMark A. Foster7-13-14  11:52 pm
Exercises in Practical Madnessbean1623 25 7-12-14  1:41 pm
Another experienceMark A. Foster7-10-14  9:35 am
A Case of Missing Time/Teleportation?Stephen in AZ21 7-09-14  5:36 pm
Alien Abduction and MemoryDavid W. Chace461 7-09-14  5:39 am
Lifelong Experiencers?almabear16 7-03-14  9:27 pm
Flying black boxalmabear7-03-14  9:22 pm
Fylja--Norsk spirit harbingersalmabear7-03-14  9:08 pm
Aliens from a previous universe cycleStephen in AZ862 16 7-01-14  2:14 pm
"Alien Mind the Primer"Stephen in AZ401 7-01-14  1:58 pm
Beings in Contact Experiences Looking Familiarkathy decker17 6-27-14  12:48 pm
James the AngelMark A. Foster6-22-14  2:43 am
ʾal-DiyānMark A. Foster6-17-14  4:16 am
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