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Physical ImmortalityHoward8-30-14  5:59 pm
The Methane DangerHoward8-28-14  11:24 pm
Constant Prayerso_tired8-26-14  11:14 am
Martin Bensonbean60 6-30-14  11:12 pm
My Greatest Fear (Journal Entry)Sharon2129 4-05-14  3:14 pm
Sinister Forces in My LifeSharon2238 4-04-14  6:13 am
Flight 370 - C2C and Journaltraveller23 3-31-14  7:14 pm
PETER JENNINGsSPECIAL +REAL truth!ROSWELLStephen in AZ130 3-31-14  4:25 pm
Whitley's Bad Back!Sharon216 3-21-14  7:31 am
The Mystery of the DronesStephen in AZ627 1-22-14  1:00 pm
Is this you, Whitley?Lily10-26-13  1:54 pm
Living with the big CNancy Lyon15 9-18-13  1:17 pm
Osr..{if} ????wolfshadow198 4-25-13  1:59 pm
Communion Twenty Years On Sharon2380 4-21-13  10:33 pm
North Korea Threat Entrycherokee13 4-18-13  9:01 am
And Now BostonMark A. Foster4-17-13  9:28 pm
Disclosure ALREADY Happened- In EUROPE !Geoff4-17-13  9:18 pm
Jennings 2/25Stephen in AZ144 3-25-13  5:25 pm
Meditation Group RecordMike26 2-15-13  8:23 pm
Strange Encounter Needs Explaining.Nina1-11-13  7:31 am
2013: A New World If We Can Take Itsetscrew1-08-13  5:07 pm
Group meditation requestJimmy 11-04-12  3:19 pm
Sandy...kathy decker11-02-12  9:07 pm
Crop Symbolsbean218 10-13-12  12:20 am
Another Universe?zealotorthodox9-23-12  3:03 am
Meditation and the Dark Side 09-20-2012 JournalGeoff9-22-12  5:56 am
The Danger of Arctic Melt (INSIGHT)kathy decker31 9-16-12  6:37 pm
A Change of Being Part Two (09/03/12)Owl15 9-13-12  10:28 pm
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