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White Dot's Seen in Skyalbert 10-31-14  3:00 am
Where have all the Users for this site gone? bean46 9-19-14  11:52 am
Coffin-shaped small UFO on School of Mines campusalmabear5-17-14  7:46 pm
Kansas UFOSharon24-30-14  6:42 am
Mars UFOBuddie12 3-09-14  11:17 am
"An important new video."bean12-16-13  11:07 pm
Naples Florida video on ABC news nowBuddie11 8-14-13  7:59 pm
UFO releasing little ufosMark A. Foster162 3-18-13  11:45 pm
Himalayas UFO!Bob Friedman11-05-12  8:46 am
Sighting near Santa Monicarhetorician7-02-12  9:58 am
Air Canada pilot swerves to avoid planet Venus???Buddie5-18-12  8:21 pm
Columbia UFOBuddie4-14-12  1:09 am
Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwidegraciesmom2-04-12  1:28 pm
We Have Lost The War On Drugsman in27 1-13-12  12:22 pm
From hum to D.U.M.B to...recent earthquakes?chesserw30 1-12-12  12:01 pm
What We Need Is A Microwave Toiletman in12-08-11  8:00 pm
Cave Artman in11-29-11  9:16 am
Milwaukee diskBob Friedman11-27-11  7:24 pm
Turkish UFO link goneepsom8-16-11  7:37 pm
USOjohn7-30-11  9:40 am
Amazing new crom formationsBob Friedman7-26-11  12:23 am
Arizona dust stormBob Friedman7-07-11  4:46 pm
How do I leave comment on Out There?epsom6-10-11  3:31 pm
Re--comment about Alien footageepsom5-09-11  3:58 pm
Boomerangs/trianglesyogu4-21-11  2:36 pm
Stick figures, again!sahgwa4-18-11  11:20 pm
Bolton UFOStephen Martin1-18-11  5:02 pm
Israeli UFO shot downManyMansions1-11-11  2:42 am
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