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Superstorm / Climate Change  

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Post Your Weird Weather Hereanna1365 21 1-10-15  11:26 am
Your World is Ending...We Cannot InterveneMichael Smith114 9-23-14  2:05 pm
Solar activity lassensage31 8-19-14  11:24 pm
Earthquake/Volcano threadcrazy parrot1608 23 4-19-14  7:57 pm
Climate Change Being a Lieblue4-01-14  10:06 pm
Jet Stream/Polar Vortex Are Becoming Unstable anna21 3-23-14  9:31 pm
A Storm of a different kind!anna11 3-23-14  3:17 pm
Meteors coming inBernie10-22-13  10:26 pm
Wind FarmsMichael Smith9-24-13  8:25 pm
ChemtrailsMichael Smith23 9-14-13  5:08 pm
Once again science confirms The Master of the Keycol.smith8-10-13  4:01 pm
Google/NASA Time-lapse Global WarmingMr. Mansions5-09-13  9:56 pm
Interview with Jeremy Granthamtomkowt4-18-13  10:09 am
Water NewsMr. Mansions16 4-04-13  3:17 pm
The Strange Sound Phenomena (YouTube)Mark A. Foster3-23-13  2:45 am
A fascinating video on earth changesMark A. Foster3-18-13  2:36 am
Earth Changes which may be Coming SoonMark A. Foster14 3-12-13  8:53 pm
Large releaseā€ of methane off Los Angeles coast sylvannah3-09-13  11:05 am
NASA: Mini-Maunder Event (mini ice age)Mr. Mthood3-08-13  12:21 pm
Energy from SpacesonorK2-26-13  9:12 am
New Clouds Discoveredbean1-27-13  7:29 pm
Scientists Uncover Diversion of Gulf Stream Pathallan1-11-13  3:31 am
Mystery Newslassensage12-07-12  4:36 pm
Whitley's SpaceMr. Mthood9-24-12  11:12 am
Tornado in NYC ?I Swear9-18-12  7:37 pm
Superstorm New Edition?anna8-18-12  12:37 pm
New Cause for ConcernJill6-25-12  3:16 pm
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