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Audio and Video FAQ

Below are the most common problems encountered while attempting to listen to and/or watch our subscriber programming, as well as the means to fix them. Please try the suggestions below before attempting to contact us. If, after trying the suggestions below, you are still having difficulty listening to the shows, please write to us at Be sure to tell us, as specifically as possible, what problem you're encountering and what, if anything, you've attempted to correct it.

How do I listen to the free Dreamland and Revelations shows?
The Dreamland or Revelations audio will not play correctly
The video will not play correctly.
I would like to listen in my car, but my car's CD player won't play MP3 files.
How do I play my MP3s on my car's CD player or other radio?
I'm still confused. Can you offer me any more help?

How do I listen to the free Dreamland and Revelations shows?

The audio players for both Dreamland and Revelations can be found on the Dreamland and Revelations show pages, underneath the show header graphic.
If you want to browse the site whilst listening to the audio stream, click the 'popup player' link under the audio player controls to open the player in a popup window. Note: depending on how you have your browser configured, this may open in a new browser tab.

Start playback:
Click the triangular 'Play' icon to start playing the audio stream.

You will notice the blue background growing from left to right as the audio is downloaded and buffered. This ensures playback is smooth and uninterrupted.

You can pause the playback by clicking the 'Pause' icon. Restart playback from the point you paused it by clicking the 'Play' icon again.
To stop playback completely and reset to the start of show, click the square 'Stop' icon.

Jump to position:
By hovering your mouse pointer over the black/blue horizontal bar in the middle of the player, you will see the elapsed time of the show. Click on the bar to jump the playback forwards or backwards to this point.

The player shows the elapsed time and the total time of the show,